Hiking, cars, and wife of the year

I'm self-proclaiming myself as wife of the year. All you need to know about why I deserve that title is because I folded our clothes within 24 hours of it coming out of the dryer. Unbelievable. And then, on this same day, I managed to pick a handful of Bronson's shirts that were way to wrinkled to wear, and ironed them. Ironically, the entire time I felt like an Argentina woman, "planchando" (ironing), away, all I needed was an apron, and some blue walls, and then it would have been perfect. Funny that I have this concept that only old women iron -- that right there is a tale tell sign I need to iron more. and that my friends, is why I am wife of the year. I haven't touched the dishes since Saturday, but, yes siree, I ironed and folded clothes.

This weekend celebrates Bronson and I getting engaged. We decided this would probably be the only time we ever celebrate our engagement day -- just because. Getting married means there is alot of ahdulting to do. Luckily, a mission prepared me for that, so marriage was an easier transition. There have been a few issues with our car. And I could tell you the long story or the short one. But i'll save you the trouble and tell you that after spending 3 hours on Saturday at the car dealership and all day on Monday, they couldn't "find the problem, therefore they couldn't fix it either," so they didn't charge us anything. Yet, our AC is working again, and the airbag light isn't on anymore. So double high-five. 

Luckily, we spent the earlier part of Saturday channeling our inner-Thoreau's and hiked Battle Creek falls in Pleasant Grove. My goodness it was beautiful -- and I mean mostly the drive. Hiking was fun, don't get me wrong. But I looooooved (emphasis on the o's), driving around and seeing all the old, original, homes lining the center streets. There is something about an old home that just really tugs at that section of your heart for sweet things. I want one so badly. I loved seeing the orchards -- or at least the one that is left. I think I'd be fine living in that part of pleasant grove.

Bronson and I also went to pick up our pass of all passes at the Lehi Fun Center. Bronson gets really into swimming at 7 Peaks in the summer time. One summer later, the slides still scare me. We decided to stay and see what fun things there were to do... only until we realized we were significantly older than all the children playing, and significantly younger than all the grandparents and parents there with their kids. I made Bronson do the bumper boats with me, considering it was rather hot. As previously stated, we were definitely the only ones over 9 years old in that event, but it was fun.

Saturday night, we hurried and made cookies and dinner, and a couple from our ward came over to play games. We wanted to get to know them more, so that was fun to make some friends to sit with at church. You really have so much in common with others in the church, I love it.

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