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You know that feeling, when your heart quickens at neatly stacked merchandise. Or when you find the cutest clothes, and its almost like your heart is warm butter sliding down toast. Well, I might have been having one of those moments, and since in my attempts to lock the checkbook, freeze (literally) the credit cards, and refrain from making any purchases. . . I thought instead, I would show you everything I would want to buy. . . that i can't.

1. You know when you are a little kid, and you always wanted to break your arm or your leg so everyone in school could sign your cast. I always wanted to be that girl. Until just about a month ago. And now, I'm that girl who would love to wear glasses. #Callmefoureyes But seriously. Fingers crossed at my eye appointment I'll need them :)

2. Haven't we all wanted to be European in someway. I love these Swedish clogs. The color. The height. Everything about them is absolutely perfect, except for the price. One day little fella, I'll buy you, one day.

3. This perfume has been on my birthday wish-list every year for the past 4 years. It just is unbelievably good. T-swift always knows whats up.

4. Not my watch, but its a cute one. You know how they say every woman needs a little black dress. Well, during the weekdays, I think every woman should have a little brown watch ... dreamy.

5. The only thing on this list I can barely afford. I used a tester of this lip gloss in high school, and then haven't bought any other lip gloss since. I frankly can't afford to test other lip glosses, but this one really doesn't need any competition. You are probably thinking "seriously, she is testifying about lipgloss," but its the little things people. They matter. ;)
I have about 4 different flavors and they last for-e-v-e-r. I still have a tube since my aforementioned high school days. However, they are pricey, Bath and Body works seems to always offer a deal when you buy them.

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  1. Grandma Moss was THE clog woman! She'd be thrilled!

    Are your sure that isn't fingernail polish? Bwah-hah-hah!


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