our little sweat shop

A few days ago, our kitchen became the newest sweat shop in Provo. 

With graduation money that my parents and in-laws so generously gave me, I purchased another brother. No, not a sibling. But a brother serger. 

When I was in high school, I sewed alot. I never sewed really anything worth wearing, or presenting, but I got some practice in. I'd have my sister Julia stand next to my parents shut door, and I'd sew just to make sure that my sleeping parents couldn't hear how late I'd be sewing into the night. 

And then one summer day, I was sewing probably carelessly and the needle broke and flew right next to my eye. Freaked out, I wore construction safety googles for the next month. Since then, no broken needles :)

Months ago I was absolutely intimidated by the idea of using a serger. I'd only seen one on display, and knew how much it would revolutionize my sewing, but I never considered myself a seamstress worthy enough to buy a serger. Luckily, I took a sewing class this semester that forced me to overcome any and all fears of a serger. In those few months, I made enough mistakes with a serger that I think i got it down now. Now I'm realizing, sergers aren't that scary, and absolutely awesome. 

Now Bronson really would like to know when we are going to eat our meals at the table again. My apologizes that the sewing machine and serger takes precedence :) He's a good sport, even with trails of thread everywhere. And the little sweat shop thats set up in our kitchen. 

So basically this was my perfect graduation present thanks to my parents, in-laws, and Julia! Thank you!!!!

In other news.... last week we helped Jessica move out of her apartment. Although we are sad she won't be here for the summer... she was generous enough to leave us some of her goods (food, pillows, more food). And I've left this bag of Dark Chocolate Chips on the countertop, at all times, and always in sight. I guarantee I'll need to enroll in the 12 Step Addiction Recovery Program pronto, since I eat a couple before breakfast and dinner, and after as well. The other day something upset me, and Bronson said, "hey go eat a few chocolate chips and you'll feel better." The sad part, he was right!

Saturday is Bronson's day. He'd spend his life camping if he could.
We biked to a nearby park and threw a football back and forth.
A few things we learned about southern provo: You see the cops drive passed you back and forth 15 times in 15 minutes. No joke. Second, a park next to the train tracks means it will just be you and the homeless men. Awesome.

And this is just because... 


  1. I need to try those dark chocolate chips!!😍 I didn't know you like dark.
    And whose that crazy naked kid! Where does he learn such in appropriate Things?

  2. Hudson! Love it! Dark chocolate must mean you've become a true adult. ;) I can't wait to see what beauties come from your serger!

  3. So awesome you could get a serger! What a good husband to suggest you go eat chocolate to feel better.


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