St. Gorgeous

I've learned a few things from our weekend in St. George -- and one of them is to : never leave.

One of the benefits of marriage is your family circle doubles in size -- which makes vacations perfect when you can stay with family. Bronson, Clayton, Cecily and I went down for the weekend, and in short: hiked Snow Canyon, ate the most delicious thai food, took naps, watched a movie, and heard my aunt and uncles farewell talks before their mission to Greece.

Overall the lessons I learned:

> retire now. As soon as possible. the beautiful houses. the golf courses. the white stucco houses. the perpetual summers, it's like a mythological siren tempting us to stay forever. it only makes sense that everyone migrates to St. George. its like this perfect dream. (and don't even think about killing my dream, just let reality do that!)

> hike. We spent some time around the lava tubes in Snow Canyon, which make hiking way more fun. We crawled in really tiny spaces, got really dusty, had a huddle of bats nesting above our heads, and possibly got a tan. So basically it was perfect. the red rock is a beautiful contrast to the snow-peaked mountains encircling Provo. oh, part b of lesson: hike and travel with friends. Clayton and Cecily kept us sane and happy.

> Eat curry and lots of it. I had never had curry before, blame my adolescent taste buds which are super hesitant to anything that looks *different*. My oh my, it was delicious. Especially the mango curry which has left me dreaming about the next time I can eat it. Grandpa and Judy were nice to treat us to their favorite thai restaurant, and after the fact, I realized how much good in the world they have done, because them made me a newly converted curry lover.

> Being with family. Being just Bronson and I, I forget how fun and happy it makes me to be around family. It was fun to see Bronson's family and my family all in the same weekend. It was so fun to be around Clayton and Cecily too because it allows for more conversations, more laughs, and forgetting about problems, worries, and concerns.

> invest in a good mattress. i nearly cried when i pulled back the sheets and laid my head against the feather pillows and mattress foam. I've now moved a mattress foam up on the list before my next pair of jeans, downpayment on a house, and perhaps cereal.

> the quality of my vacation can be measured in the amount of butter I put on my bread. and needless to say, this weekend, I put plenty. Which made me realize, I probably would eat much healthier if I didn't have taste buds. so yeah for butta, because it made my weekend even better butta.

** really hoping the beautiful view compensates for the wind-blown hair


  1. St. Gorgeous, clever and so true! Makes me want to hike Snow Canyon. And how do you look that good hiking?! I'm always red face and sweating like crazy.

  2. I agree with Julia! I'm a troll when I hike ;) So many pretty pictures!


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