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if you took an inventory of our cereal collection, you might have thought we relapsed into some addiction requiring pyschological help. No need to fret, I just really struggle to get past the mental block that you don't have to buy something even if it is really on sale. Can you blame me... it was Reeses puffs #weakspot. Bronson and I have vowed not to buy any more cereal for the remainder of the month. I weaned myself off cereal because I thought the milk bothered me, but, that all changes when it comes to reeses puff cereal. #rantover

I have probably been hush hush when it comes to work -- I ranted probably too much about how I wasn't use to the regular work hours, but its becoming more routine. And luckily, there is this section of my heart that has changed to really liking what I do. First, it was just a job, but now, I really enjoy the interaction I have with the patients. Although my interaction is quite limited due to my specific job duties, I enjoy the chance of visiting with them before they leave, and as soon as they arrive. Yesterday, I covered for our activities director and painted the ladies nails. Sometimes I feel I might go home losing my voice, because, well, you know you how you have to talk around the elderly ;).

I guess being around people who are struggling so much to live life right now has completely altered how I want to live mine. Be healthier, be happier, and appreciate the little things I can do that others can't. I can bend down, stand up, walk up the stairs, and even jump if I want to. These people might not be able to do those things ever again in their life. These people are suffering so much from mostly physical pain (and I imagine emotional pain -- being away from family, and a place that isn't there home for a long period of time). That I make a point to talk to as many patients as I can. It makes me want to visit and care for family more. There are some children of patients that spend almost 8 hours a day with them in their rooms and while in therapy -- I've been astounded by the sacrifice, service, and love that family members are showing.

Anyways . . . I don't want to become that person, who only talks about work stories. So i'll stop there.

Now, judge me all you want, I don't care. Congruent with my aforementioned obsession with Reeses Puff cereal, this picture is an accurate representation of what dinner is like when Bronson is taking a test. #reallifesugamama Accurate location as well: the couch.

Emily and I went to Joann's this week and got ice cream -- the best combination! (I just didn't get a picture). It was so fun -- I forgot what its like to have friends other than your husband.

Yesterday -- we sorta celebrated getting engaged one year ago this weekend. I don't think we will ever celebrate this weekend again for that purpose -- but i really just like any excuse to celebrate anything. We went to Nicolitalia's pizza -- its this ghetto little place -- but so good.

And to really spice things up, we went grocery shopping. Yippee. The whole reason was to buy ice-cream. I think I take too much liberty with the idea of a full time job, because I demanded we buy some gourmet ice-cream. Also, I have to confess, it was the very first time I've ever bought red meat that wasn't hamburger. I actually bought a pork roast. I don't really know how to cook it, or what you make with it, but i don't really care, it was a good price. And I really need to overcome my fears about red meat. (oh man, did I just write a whole paragraph about us grocery shopping? I'm really lacking in the idea department about what to write about then!) Bronson was nice to help me hang pictures above our bed. When I get an idea in my head -- I have a really hard time not thinking about it until its done. I luckily got some super cheap frames at Michael's, and then printed black and white 12x18 photos from our wedding for $3.50 total at Staples. So together it was under $10.

This is Bronson making rice, just because. And mostly because I like his new shirt. I recently wandered back on my original blog I've had all about my narcissistic self called "just emily" (see tab above on menu). In my defense, it was a blog originally by julia and I, called "The 2 Lewis girls". But once Julia got married, it became just me. I went back and started reading my posts, and about died at all my cheesy-ness about Bronson before we got married! haha. For the record, I think i've since mellowed out.

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