a pumping victory

Here is something you should know. I had never filled up a car with gas until August 2015. Who knew, that along with marriage would come one of my next biggest responsibilities, learning to pump my own gas.

And so tonight, June 7th, was my fourth time...maybe fifth, ever, pumping my own gas.

Now this says two things about me: either, I have a super gentleman like husband that always fills up the car for me. Or two, I'm really really good about letting it get to the last ounce of gas before he realizes we should fill up the car. (I choose the first part). Bronson's always been the responsible one, (you're nodding your head, duh, right here huh?), but lately, he's been doing all biking, and i've been doing all driving. So naturally, I should be the one to fill up.

I was pretty ecstatic to come home to Bronson and surprise him with my gas pumping prowess, only to open the door and realize he was staying late to take a test. I really wish I had a better memory so the let-down of disappointments wasn't so great. So I ate 3 cookies tonight for dinner. Don't worry, I drank milk too, so it was basically healthy.

So tonight while Bronson is gone, i'll probably have HGTV running the entire time, and try to keep the cookie container sealed. On Sunday's I try to schedule an activity for every night of the week for me to do after work. Because otherwise I sit really unproductively on the couch. This week, I'm trying to deep clean a new area in the apartment each night. Sounds thrilling doesn't it. But. . . I double count it as my "workout" because who knew you could sweat while vacuuming? (Please don't tell me that is just me!) haha.

 I really need to get back into sewing . . .but thanks to a messed up iron and breaking a needle, I've lost a bit of motivation. Any recommendations of what to sew next, I'm all ears!

chao bellas.

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  1. haha! your posts are always entertainment for my nights!


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