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I've been trying to decide whats harder. Being in school with your husband, or being graduated, and your husband still in school.

I'm going with the later.

Thursday night found me at Joann's since Bronson was studying for a test. See.... I told you its worse. My wallet and I would have a less hateful relationship if I was still in school. Bronson's been prepping me that this Fall semester with his integrated masters program its going to be just like the first semester of the Junior Core, which just about whipped our tushes. (*tearing up*) The kind of whipping that makes you go to bed at midnight every night, and up by 6. Only to still have to do homework for 8 hours straight on a Saturday. Beloved Saturday's.

So i've been dreaming lately some things I'd love to accomplish. And don't even think about telling me I can't. Because I'd prefer reality to do that than someone else.

1. I want to tear down the motel directly south of the Provo City Center temple and build a bed and breakfast, to recreate Provo originality.

2. I'd like to build a software (well, have Bronson do this part), that makes it really easy for people to print their blogs, because the options now-a-days are extremely limited.

3. I'd like to eventually become a runner. Of all the types of people I want to become, a runner is one of them. I've really just struggled to get my mind and heart to synergies on this goal.

4. I want to have some either sewing business (but all I really can sew are pillow cases) so that won't go too far, or have a clothes line for little girl clothes.

5. I just really want to learn how to lay carpet, hardwood floors, baseboards, paint cupboards and build something with wood. That would just be... awesome.

On a completely random note, I've been thinking alot about marital advice. It seems like we were given so much, but I can't really remember any of it. I have some friends that are engaged and I thought what would I tell them. Its like my advice jar was empty (because you know everyone's heart has one of those).

And while I don't really have any advice, I realized that the hard parts of marriage are all worth while. Any hard point in any relationship is worthwhile -- because I don't know, changes us and refines us. So now, would be an appropriate time to share an instance in our first three weeks of marriage. I asked Bronson to make the bed, since I was running late before school. I come back in to the room after eating breakfast, and sure enough Bronson had only made HIS side of the bed. I was livid and ticked (but now i'm completely smiling about it now). I was like are you kidding me, you only made YOUR side of the bed. That left me mad for probably a good 3 hours. And believe me, I've done things to make Bronson want to pull his hair out... but i'll let him share those.

I read this quote and really liked it. So i'm going to share it: There is no way that you could know while you're dating, and there's no way that you can know in that first year of marriage. There's no way in the first decade of marriage to know how you're gonna feel — the way we feel after a half century of marriage. Love is what you go through together.” - Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

in other news: I have my friend Emily to thank. Because when she had us over for dinner last October, she made tortellini with this yummy sauce. I've made it 3 times in the last 1.5 weeks. Can't stop. Won't stop. It's SO good. And now when I invite anyone over for dinner, this is the default meal, because i know it will actually taste good.

About a month ago I made a goal to not make cookies for 1 whole month. Yeah right. There is something Bronson didn't probably realize when he married me. sometimes I get really fixated on one thing. Like, I like to listen to the same five songs over, and over, and over again. Or, for dessert, i ONLY make chocolate chip cookies. There is something else he's having a really hard time breaking me away from... semisweet chocolate chips. The 10lb bag sits permenantly on our counter. Its a big deal.

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