camping in the uinta (because...Summer...duh)

Have I ever told you that I've always had a dream of being a candle scent namer. Mostly because I love candles and scents, but then to name them ... how fun would that be. And every time I go camping, I'm reminded of how badly I want a campfire scented candle. You know, that way you can get all nostalgic of your camping memories -- but not have to actually go, or get that permanent hair and clothes scent for days.

We convinced Jai & Brittany to go camping with us on Friday. It was the most unplanned event we've probably executed, but luckily it all worked out. We didn't have a reservation, but we were really crossing our fingers that we could snatch one. We got home from work, packed a few things, and the Knighton's were nice enough to make us dinner to eat before we left. We picked up some firewood, and drove to Balsam Campground in Hobble Creek Canyon in Springville. Its beautiful and all lush green. We drove past multiple groups who were out shooting for fun. Someone shot right as we were driving by, and my goodness it like vibrated in our car it was so powerful. 
We drove up, and found the only spot left that was left. Phew. #miracles. We were chatting and this young girl that recognized Jai from work said hi, because she was lost and couldn't find her group of friends. Of course, that far into the canyon there isn't any service. She left and then about 2 hours later, she came back, still unable to find her friends after driving up and down the canyon, so she asked if she could stay for us for a while, we said of course. She eventually realized we were all married, and decided to drive home instead of sleep with us in our tents. haha. 
I told Bronson we need to bring our kids camping every weekend, because the whole campground is like a nature playground for kids. We ate too many smores, played a ton of rounds of Nerts, and best of all, didn't get a single mosquito bite. #DodgedtheZika 

And did I mention, we have our own Taj Mahal! Look at this two man tent.... or what I consider a "fun-size" tent. It is really cool and has a ton of mesh walls and ceiling, so its really like sleeping under the stars, except, we were sleeping under a tree. In the morning though, it was beautiful to wake up. Its like you were giving nature a hug with how much you can see out! 

 It was fun to finally pull some wedding gifts out from underneath our bed and use our propane lantern and grill. Can't wait to go camping again. 

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