Lewis Family at Bear Lake Part II

Friday morning we had a yummy breakfast, there were a group of runners that left, and then later a group of walkers, and it was probably better that way so we could stagger breakfast eaters that way. We had family pictures that morning -- which turned out really well -- and they're all on Ondalynn's camera, so it might be awhile until I can post them.

Crismon and Danielle hosted the family Olympics which was really fun, We were team Brazil, and we won! We did a variety of activities, passing a hula hoop through a chain of people without breaking the grip of holding hands. We had to waddle with a balloon in between our legs, and pass back and forth balloons without popping them.

Needless to say, we commandeered that park that day. We saw multiple cars pull into the parking lot, only to drive right back out once they saw our family.

After grabbing lunch, which Bronson and I were in charge of -- which don't even be impressed if you are. Because I totally underestimated what its like to cook for 40 people. We made taco salad, which was great and all, but I couldn't figure out how much to bring for everything, so in the end I brought, 5 lbs of hamburger (*facepalm* most of my siblings are vegan), and then I only brought one can of black beans and one can of kidney beans (*Facepalm* again, vegans usually eat a ton of beans). I swear those cans fed the 5,000, or they were just really nasty, because there were alittle left over.

We were the first car out to Bear Lake (on the Idaho side), and set up camp waiting for the rest of the family. Ironically, the same situation at the park ensued at the beach. As soon as we pulled up, the families next to us quickly packed up and left.

My uncle Roger, aunt Andrea, and cousin Andy were so kind and generous and gave us the royal treatment - first of all by letting us use their cabin, and secondly, for teaching us to do something we probably wont ever be able to do again -- flyboarding. And... it probably wasn't the most fun they've ever had trying to teach 10 people how to flyboard for 7 hours when they are all pros themselves.

Bronson and I were the last ones to leave, and he had patiently waited to go all day -- and so I had 7 hours to work up the courage to do it. Because boy I was freaking out -- heart pounding, sweaty palms, sudden bursts of screaming. But we did it!
And the verdict is.... it was so much. Seriously, breathtaking and fun to be above water like that. It was awesome.

I am also really good at putting on sunscreen after the point of no return, and not adhering to advice to wear sunscreen -- it must be a thing while in my 20s, and by the time I'm 30, i'll figure it out. So now, today, a week later, my face is peeling and has a good layer of what looks like alligator skin. #unashamed

That night we had the traditional Lewis Family Talent show -- which ranged from Jackson, 14, showing us how to code, and Kaeley, 3, playing on the drums. We ate more treats and talked way late and went to bed. Poor Bronson was dying from his allergies this weekend.

Saturday morning, we cleaned and packed and heading to Logan for a Smith family luncheon. My mom's side of the family all live within an hour of each other, and so when they found out we were in the area, they planned a BBQ for the Smith family at the park. It was so much fun to see cousins I haven't seen in a years. I love, love, love, love, Logan. No, really love it. Mostly because we spent our summer vacations in Logan and love its homey feel. After the little reunion, we drove to my grandma and grandpa Smith's house, now occupied by another family since they've both passed. So many summers were spent there. I can still smell their house, or how the blue carpet felt under my feet. They made the absolute best toast, and always had a freezer full of popsicles.

We visited Geoff & Peggy (aunt and uncles) house on our way out, since they are only two doors down. Before we left, everyone else from the party was arriving at their house. I really wanted to see the "Summerfest" that was going on in downtown, so my parents were kind enough to sit while Bronson and I looked around. It reminded us of the Portland farmers markets, just sans all the crazy people. We made our way to West Jordan -- and thank goodness for my mother who talked to Bronson to keep him awake, because I couldn't stay awake.
What laundry for 40 people looks like!

Grandma Julia

Grandma and Grandpa Smith's home in River Heights, UT

Family time really is the best time.

Sunday, we were able to substitute last minute in Primary, which was actually alot of fun to do. We then hurried after church to make the homemade ice-cream mixture (Mint chocolate chip round 2 -- and I won't fail to mention that this time Bronson put in the mint, and also did the same thing as me!). We churned it at Alice-Anne and Gary's. They were so kind to host a Father's day feast for us, Seth & Tiffany's family, and mom and dad. Ondalynn and her family surprised us too!

**to be continued**

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  1. I still laugh about the beans! It's a great story!! And I love the picture you captured of everyone's WOW face when spencer did his talent show


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