memorial day

Sunday evening before Memorial day, we were treated with a yummy BBQ at Blaine and Amelie's house. I was crossing my fingers there would be a "Memorial day weekend BBQ" and my wish was granted! They are so nice to always invite us for Sunday dinner and take care of us. 

Monday was memorial day -- I was lucky enough to squeeze a half day off. There really is a sweet reverant feeling at a cemetery that permeates every time you go. Bronson and I went to the American Fork cemetery to place flowers on his grandma's grave. The most beautiful part about it all, is that the graveyard was covered completely in flowers and flags -- I've never seen it so visited either. 

Freedom means something different to me than before. I really can't imagine our country not free. We are so lucky to do whatever we want, whenever we want, with whoever we want. There is a story in the Book of Mormon that talks about a people who aren't allowed to pray or worship of any kind or they will be killed. I can't imagine not praying, or not reading my scriptures, or not attending church because someone else won't let me. I've been reading "I am Malala", (school really set me back from starting it!), and its awful to think that the women can't go shopping without a male relative, or without being covered head to toe. I also was overwhelmed with gratitude at those who I don't even know, yet risk their lives for us so we can be free. 

That night for memorial day, we had a BBQ that night with Jai and Brittany. We finally were able to pull out the portable grill we had been gifted at our wedding. Now i'm just waiting until we can do it again, and again, and ... duh, again. 

Wednesday, Bronson and I signed up to clean the temple from 10pm-12pm since our ward was asked for volunteers. We changed into white scrubs, and with my duster in hand, I shook my head in confusion, because I was confident I wasn't collecting anything, the temple is immaculate. The longer I brushed though, the more I collected and I'm sure there is some metaphor for life in this little story -- we might look at people and think they have a perfect life, free of problems or bad habits, but the more we get to know individuals we find, there is always something that isn't perfect about their lives either. Or maybe I'm just crazy. While we worked, there was the 1st counselor and his wife helping and telling us about their assignments all across the world he's had with the military, and how when they were newly married he worked 3 jobs in 1 day while going to school full-time. One job earned him $1 per hour. `(if they made it on $1 per hour, we can too!) Even though we woke up more tired that next morning than any other day it was worth it -- because temples bless our lives so much. 

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