Ordinary moment: homemade ice cream

There is magic in ordinary moments that make them just as important to record as extraordinary moments.

My ordinary moments are pretty unglamorous. Like, when I had to wash the clothes again for the second time this weekend, because I left them in the washer... ALL weekend. Or when I finally put them in the dryer, only to have put another detergent cube instead of a dryer sheet. I remembered a few minutes later... thankfully.

Well, it was a "Christmas" like Sunday for me. I had been waiting all week to finally make homemade ice-cream. Just to be initiated into Gardner-esque living. Don't worry, my ice-cream love came much before the Gardner name.

In fact, I was so excited for making ice-cream, I carried the recipe book in my purse all week, so I could basically memorize all the steps (which luckily, is just throwing all the ingredients in a mixer). I re-read and read again over and over the measurements and the instructions. Bronson's one assignment for me was the mint extract. Easy. In my anxious excitement, I grabbed the first measuring spoon my eyes spotted, and dumped it in the mix. I told Bronson, "Already added the tablespoon of mint." His eyebrows curled, "thats alot of mint, are you sure?" "Of course, it says so right here," so matter-of-factly. Then, my gasp said it all, as I realized it was only suppose to be a teaspoon and not a tablespoon.

We had high hopes that mint was just like vanilla, and it didn't really how much you put in. But after a good hour of waiting outside for it to finish churning. We held our breaths to taste it... and thanked our lucky stars we didn't invite any friends over the inaugural ceremony of our ice-cream maker. Because instead of eating a nice bowl of homemade mint chocolate chip ice-cream, we ate a bowl of toothpaste. Serves me right, for all the years I pranked my siblings with toothpaste in between their oreo cookies.


  1. This will foreve be such a funny moment you can look back on and laugh! Glad you wrote it down! And you do such a good job writing

  2. I can relate to that, unfortunately. I say it's time for round two of ice cream to make it right! :)


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