a virtual thank you incase you never got one

If you are a child in a family with more than 2 siblings you know my equal pain and joy.

But in this instance, i'm only going to talk about pain.

When I was in kindergarten, we were required to give each sibling a Christmas gift. Making it easy on our 5 year old brains, hands, and attention spans they gave us butterfly pictures for us to color in. Somehow they picked the most complex picture with tiny little circles and abstract shapes. For some children it was pleasure, for me, on the other hand it was torture. Remember, we are talking about one picture per sibling, and although my memory fails me, I can easily assume one per parent too.

I specifically remember one afternoon of many that all children were excused to go out side and play for Recess. Those privilaged little beings. And I watched them exit the door, laughter and screams to be heard through the windows. I turned my back to the window so I didn't have to agonize even more about what I was missing, and instead worked on my one of 10 pictures for Christmas gifts. It was  just me and Mrs. Schmidt (she was the best kindergarten teacher -- the one with the perma-smile, and bright pink lipstick, that was so never in style, but you don't care because her level of kindness exceeded anyone). I'm confident she came by to look at my progress, probably rubbed her forehead to see my lack of progress, but gave a shoulder tap of encouragement. I guess it worked, because I had each colored picture individually wrapped by Christmas day.

I haven't had to relive this day -- because no event, grade school, or moment has made do something to that extent until we got married. I finally unearthed our thank you cards that I vowed I would finish before our one year anniversary. Although, secretly I convinced myself I was better than that, and could be done in 3 months top. yeaaaaaaah right. We are just weeks away from the 1 year mark and I sent out my final thank you's last night. My dad has 10 siblings, my mom has 5, Michelle has 5 and Jim has 3. You do the math, but those were the last ones I needed to do to check off my list. Sadly, I left family for last -- but hoping they would be the most understanding. So I rubbed my cramped hand between each card, and finally finished. (Lets just pretend that the little mishap of some deletion on our list were thanked before I forgot about them. whoops if that was you). 

In all my sarcasm, we do have everyone to thank for our wedding. All parents, siblings, friends and family. Seriously -- it was perfect because we were surrounded by family and friends. 

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  1. You're so good about thanking people. Those were a lot to send out. That's great you finished. Forgot about the butterfly gift. That was so much work for you at that age. Way to go!


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