Family weekend + lagoon

I have some good news to report on. For one month now I've finally been able to uphold a new years resolution I've had (every year) since high school. I know, I know, its only been a month -- but considering I've made it a goal each year is a good indication I've never been able to live it for any span of time. Do you want to know what it is?

Keeping the lid to the toothpaste on. Now, this doesn't mean I've just stopped brushing my teeth. But I've just made sure that every time I squirt some out, I don't leave all the gunk behind around the tube so I can still shut the lid. Mind blowing.

And then I have some other news to report on. I can't stop eating semi-sweet chocolate chips. When I was in my first semester at BYU, I couldn't eat my cereal without adding chocolate chips in it. (whats wrong with me?). Things haven't changed much since I can't eat plain vanilla ice-cream without the addition of chocolate goodness. But, one goal at a time right? Don't want to stretch me to much -- now that I've got the toothpaste handled, I'll make my way over to conquering the chocolate chips.

And since you didn't really come here to read three paragraphs about toothpaste, I'll move forward.

We've had a fun-family-filled weekend. Thursday, we took Dallin -- who was here for a 3 week conference he was accepted for at BYU -- to our favorite pizza place, Nicolitalias. Janelle and Dallin are moving across country next week to Virginia to be a professor at SVU. I'm going to miss seeing those girls so much. Friday, we hung out with Bronson's cousin's, Cecily, Clayton, and his cousins Paris and Heather. I had fun winning, we had so much fun!

A double fudge cookie, with peanut butter oreo homemade ice cream sandwhiched with a chocolate chip cookie. It seriously was the best dessert I've had. 

 Our apartment on Saturday morning. For some reason I spent an hour Friday night cleaning our apartment - and in end I really liked waking up to a clean apartment rather than spending saturday morning cleaning it.

Saturday, we enjoyed a family lunch at my Aunt Kathi's house in Orem -- there were alot of people there and it was so fun to see them. My brother Crismon and Danielle, happened to be there too as they were in town for her grandma's surprise 80th birthday. And Ondalynn is coming any minute to spend the Sunday with us! More and more reasons why I love living in Utah -- is because it usually involves family. And then last night we drove up to Lagoon! We had a buy one get one free coupon -- for 5pm to close, which was great, but they are still pricey!

I am a roller-coaster junkie. for the most part. except for the ones that are SUPER scary -- like that just shoot you up in the air. No bueno. I finally got to ride the Farris wheel, and felt like "Sam and Charly" from the movie "Charly". For some reason, Bronson and I watched the movie "Charly" the night we got engaged and I bawled through the last half hour saying. "Bronson you have to die with me!" And probably alot of other dramatic phrases. Not sure that was the best movie to watch on that night! haha.


  1. Glad you can break away and have fun. Keep that tradition going, even with kids.

  2. Oh...and congrats on conquering the toothpaste lid. So proud of you!


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