A really long diary about our trip to oregon

Flying home to Oregon this weekend will probably be the high point of this year.
Partially because a) we spent time with family. b) its summer. c) we got time off work d) we went back to our HOMES. e) we got to fly f)we ate reallllllllly good food. g) everything was superb

I think its fair to say that by the end of this post you'll want to go spend some time in Oregon. Here is a short video of our time in Oregon -- its only about half of the trip, because the other half, I just wanted to enjoy and not taking any footage. 

So that what was the short story of what we did in Oregon. The long story on the other hand: 

After leaving work at 4:06, arriving home at 4:26, and walking out the door at 4:33 -- i was a mix of stress, anxiety, excitement, relief, freaking out.
Considering we were riding the front runner to the airport (and i've missed the front runner the last 5 times I've taken it) I really didn't want to be late. 

Unfortunately, Bronson and I didn't get seats next to each other since we bought our tickets so late, but i enjoyed talking to an eccentric lady from Provo the entire way which made the time go by fast. And just like that... we arrived in the PDX. Which you know that carpet. . . that is golden PDX carpet. 

I forgot how beautiful the Portland airport is. All the greenery, and not too cold and not too hot. 

That night in Gresham, Bronson and I got to eat our wedding cake -- since we wouldn't be back in time for our anniversary. Don't you love traditions that make you feel morally obligated to eat a 1 year old cake? And the verdict was. . . it was delicious. 

We gave my mom some technology lessons before driving out to Astoria (thanks for letting us borrow your car mom and dad!). Not too long after we arrived we drove to Cape Disappointment (think: where the Columbia river meets the Pacific Ocean.) It earned its name when Captain John Meares -- is this triggering your elementary education about Lewis and Clark -- couldn't pass the river bar and the Lewis and Clark expedition team found it about 20 years later. 

Michelle was able to set up a private tour of the U.S. Coast Guard base -- which doesn't happen for anyone, only if you know someone (bingo!). So we got to board every boat, and tour the locked Lighthouse. 

This boat is the same kind of boat used in "The Finest Hours" a movie you should watch

There is a coast guard school here -- and its one of the only ones in the United States. I really underestimated how tough it is to go through the qualifying classes, and then be chosen to continue on to the school and be trained. The coast guard man that showed us around has spent months and months at a time at sea for active missions ranging from the Artic seas to around the country. These people work so others can live. #newappreciationforthem

That night we enjoyed some gourmet taco truck food and ice-cream. 
The next day we visited Indian Beach and Cannon Beach. To arrive at Indian beach you have to drive through a forest, but you come to a beautiful secluded beach peppered with surfers bopping up and down in the ocean. These aren't the hawaiian surfers, these are head to toe wet suits because that water wasn't a degree above 50. 

^^ This picture screams, "I'm at the beach instead of work" #holla

After I slept the entire way back from the beach (a whole 45 mins), we went and saw Finding Dory. And I guess I'm a popcorn person because I ate the entire bowl of popcorn. Can't decided if i'm ashamed or unashamed about that. 

Saturday, Bronson and I went shopping to really take advantage of saving a couple of dollars because everything is SALES TAX FREE IN THIS PART OF THE COUNTRY. 

We helped set up for Logan's eagle court of honor (we were with the family when he completed his project of making a sign for the Jewel Cemetery). 

I finally rode the trolley, so I feel like a true Astorian tourist. 

When that finished we had an amazing firework show with the Heemeyer family (Family friends of the Gardners). Bronson was giddy as a kid! 
And I quote, "Why have Christmas when you have FIREWORKS!" (That face says it all!)

Sunday we had a nice BBQ after church (fists in the air -- it was a dream come true). And Bronson and I got to make blackberry-raspberry homemade ice cream. Bronson picked the raspberry's from their yard, and a nice man from their ward dropped off the blackberry's. It was like the two best fruits fell in love with sugar and it was a perfect combination.

During my time in Astoria, we (read: I) got my Hallmark fix thanks to Jessica. And Bronson and I found a new hobby of badminton.  

Monday before we drove to Vancouver, Washington for the Vance's BBQ we stopped at the docks to see these huge ships. #realllllllyscenic

I took more video than pictures, so this picture will have to do. 

We arrived in Vancouver to meet the Vances, Caudles, Johns (Alice-Anne's in laws) who are serving as the medical directors for the PNW missions), and mom and dad. It was so fun ... until I sneezed on their wall mid-eating-a-piece-of-cake. #turnedredlikeatomato

We flew back to Utah. Rode the trax. Waited for an hour in 91 degrees at 7pm at night for the front runner, rode for 1 hour back to Provo, gave a ride to a new freshman who didn't know where he was going, and did the most patriotic thing we could think of. Sit outside JCWs, sharing two hamburgers and fries while watching the illegal and legal fireworks. It was a different way to spend the 4th -- but it was Bronson -- so duh, it was perfectly fine. 


  1. Sounds like the perfect week!! Glad you guys got to go!

  2. Fun video! Great diary of it! Thanks for coming!


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