my biggest feat

The biggest feat I had toady was to keep my white pants white. It first began at lunch, when I ate my granola bar (you know the kind with chocolate, because otherwise, its not worth eating). With each bite, chocolate flakes fell in a perfect speckled formation, and quickly melting in the heat on to my pants. It was past the point of no return. Dunzo. Stained. And this was my first mistake.

My second mistake was sitting in a chair outside that probably hasn't been cleaned since the place was built. Rust stains going down my bum.... cute.

Third mistake, was definitely the worst. My next feat was to eat a JCW's hamburger. My only goal was to keep my dinner off of my pants, since lunch had already made its presence -- and it wasn't their debut. The same thing happened to me last week, so you would've thought I had learned by now.

In case you're wondering. Dinner not only made it on my pants, but also my shirt, face, and hands as well. There just is no graceful way to eat a JCWs hamburger.
(I cringe because Bronson managed to eat his dinner with only 1 napkin. I used 14).

Lesson learned: If I can't keep white pants clean as a 23 year old. Don't even consider wearing them as a mom.

During my time here in graduation paradise, and Bronson's 6 week period off school, we've watched a handful of movies, and kept the librarians busy, requesting 5 books each week. I have this uncurable problem about requesting all these books at once, only to be able to read a chapter from each here and there. Right now, I'm enjoying James and the Giant Peach, (I know, I know, I just wanted some fun, light, easy reading), and "I will lead you along", President Henry B. Eyring's autobiography. The rest are on my nightstand.

We enjoyed going to Seven-peaks this week. We were super methodical, and decided a Wednesday night would result in a desolate-child-free-Seven Peaks night. W.R.O.N.G. It wasn't until we waited 25 minutes for our first ride down a slide that I remember when I was a BYU Sports Camp Counselor, we took the kids to Seven Peaks on .... you guessed it ... Wednesday nights. #awesome.
Regardless, it was still fun. Its like insurance, its a 100% guarentee you'll have fun there.

We have this quote on our fridge, but I was reminded of it when we watched "The Good Lie" (I recommend it! Its about Sudanese refugees, a few young kids, who survive an attack on their village, and walk 1,000 miles to a refugee camp). Talk about appreciating life way more. And they should the quote at the end of the movie,

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

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  1. Emily, you're hilarious. You can make the simplest events of life sound interesting! Thanks for suggesting that movie. It was powerful! We are so blessed. (We have you and Bronson and so much more.)


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