splendid summer day

This is when my older brother Crismon said, "Look Daddy! She's a pig"
Indeed I was. Alot hasn't changed. Like my oversized shirts, messy hair, strong love for ice-cream, and getting messy.
This weekend was good. Saturdays are our days to squeeze in all fun things. That morning, I had to go to campus to train the new head TA. I didn't realize I had missed a place so much. Four years of my life were spent on and around campus ( I mean it still is, but in a very different way). I itched to go to all my classes again, work 20 hours, and be studying. I missed it so much. Now, currently kicking myself for not taking the GRE so I could be going to grad school in the fall. I'll go cry for a second and it'll be all better.

I attribute all of our fun-ness to Bronson. We drove to Provo Canyon, took our bikes, and rode through the canyon. We didn't realize that half of the Utah County population would also be visiting Provo Canyon too. But it was beautiful. That I even said the words to Bronson, "I could live in Utah for the rest of my life." Words I can never take back, and words that I thought I would never say. But its true. Utah is beautiful. And mostly because I love that summers are actually summers. And you can go swimming outside, instead of inside like in Oregon.

We came home to make cookies for our ward BBQ (And I know I say this alot, but I think I might've FINALLY found a good recipe.) I mean you know its a good recipe when 2 days later they still taste as good. We then did some shopping at Target before we drove to West Valley for a drive in movie!

Stop it. Do you realize how long i've waited to attend a drive in movie. I'll tell you. All 23 years of my life. I really loved how many families were there -- it felt so community like. They have 4 different screens there, so needless to say it was crowded. We watched "The Secret Life of Pets." and "The Legend of Tarzan." I'm embarrassed to admit that we got home pretty late. But I was pretty adamant about getting my moneys worth.

We folded down the seats and had a nice view. And we had books to read before the movie began. But it was so dang hot, I sat basically outside of the car. Sunday, we enjoyed church -- the lessons just seemed to be really influential. We had dinner with the Johns' and Dallin and his famous pizza. And it lived up to its expectation of being famous. It was so good.

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  1. So fun!!! You guys do a good job maximizing your weekends!


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