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Last week, we went running in the morning -- I wish I could say I was more consistent at it than a couple times over the span of a couple weeks. But I remember distinctly thinking how lucky I am to run on this road and feel free. Which is ironic considering all that is going on. It's sad that one tragedy after another is happening, and I'm afraid the American flag will remain permanently at half-mass. But I felt free to run, that nothing bad was going to happen to me. It's probably because the night before we watched "The Good Lie," a movie about Sudanese children refugees who walk 1,000 miles to a camp. And along the entire journey they were at risk of being shot, or taken away from one another. It was a perfect reminder to focus on what good we have in our life and remember we are free. 

Earlier this week, we went to the MOA at BYU to tour the National Parks exhibit. Which made it extremely difficult to not drop everything and drive to all of them right then. Must sees: Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zions, and Arches. (Its almost sinful that I've never been).

Bronson found the painting done by his great-great-grandfather Edwin Evans. #famous

In much less important news, this popcorn is highly addicting. 

A reason why we might consider living in Utah the rest of our lives is the fact that they celebrate one extra holiday than everyone else. Pioneer Day. Last Pioneer day we celebrated going to "This is the Place", and watching the Days of '47 Parade with Michelle. And later going to the Pioneer Day Concert with Crismon, Danielle, Julia & Austin. 

This Pioneer Day, we went to the concert and invited our friends Jai & Brittany Knighton. We had reallllllly close seats. But so close that it was a really bad angle. Thanks to Brittany for sweet-talking the usher into letting us change seats. It was the best seat I've ever had in the Conference Center. 

It is absolutely incredible the inspired, edifying, uplifting feeling you get listening to wholesome sacred music. We literally were so happy. I love being a member of the church, where free incredible music is provided for us to enjoy. It was even better being in person. I know I probably would've checked my phone a few times and fallen asleep if i wasn't watching it live. So i'm grateful for the experiences we have provided to us to feel the Spirit. 

On the rest of this sabbath day, I hope to read more about women pioneers and check out my pioneer ancestors on family search. :) 


  1. That exhibit sounds awesome! I want to see it.

  2. Loved these pictures! I can never get enough of your pictures! Thank you!
    I grew up going to those national parks! You must see them! Awesome!

  3. I love reading your thoughts. They inspire me. I'd love to see the painting in person done by Bronson's ancestor. Good for you guys to take time to not only do the fun things, but uplifting experiences that enrich the soul.

  4. I'm impressed with how many cultural type events you go to. I don't think Bryan and I ever went it the MOA together. Haha! You guys do way more than we ever did 👊🏼


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