Tutorial: Baby Burp Cloths

If you aren't a sewer. You can go ahead and bypass this message now. If you are an aspiring sewer, you can keep paying attention.

This is me adding the 1,485th tutorial in the blogosphere on how to make baby burp cloths. super exciting. But its a) an easy way to practice sewing b) super cheap c) handmade d) my sisters can  make this with their daughters its so easy.

10 x 18 in square of terry cloth
10 x 18 in square of fabric

I told Bronson I was going to Joann's tonight for some emotional relief (ha!). He said I couldn't spend a penny over $10. I went looking specifically for "terry cloth" -- its just a fancy name for a thinner towel fabric. I bought 1 yard, so I could make multiple burp cloths. With my coupon it ended up being $4.50. I have spare fabric at home to use. The easiest thing I found was using a Fabric quarter (1/4 of a yard) for my contrast fabric, that I bought pre-cut, and I was able to cut 2 - 10x18 squares out of it. Easy peasy.

The next step once everything is cut is to put right sides together (or how I remember it, "the pretty sides together"). And sew around 3 sides and part of the top, and leave a small opening. You'll want to fold the fabric inside the hole, and pin it.

 Go ahead and sew on top that shut -- AND then keep sewing all the way around the burp cloth.

 Fold it in thirds and sew a straight line where those folds are -- so they fold naturally.


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