first anniversary in Park City

Before I talk about this weekend, I have to talk about the great week I had. Monday night, I had Myreel and Lynette (and baby Shylie) over for dessert while we watched (*cough* talked and talked) during the Olympics. It made me so grateful for "cousin-ships" that we have. 

On Tuesday, I ran around doing Enrichment, and Bronson had cub scouts, so I reserved Wednesday for hanging out with Amber Tolman and Nicole Nugent. They can thank me for their friendships -- since I met Amber in Idaho as she visa waited and I begged Nicole over the phone to be my roommate before I even knew her. #totallynormal 

Nicole and I tend to look alot alike -- so I call her my pseudo sister. 

Is anyone getting as emotional as I am about the Olympics? I hold some kleenex with me through every USA routine -- oh gosh, what is happening with the horomones in my body? This is not normal. In honor of the olympics, I totally did a back bend this morning. Just like a 5 year old, when you lay on your back, put your hands by your ears, and STRETCH. Nailed it.

On Thursday night Bronson and I left for Park City. We first stopped in Heber City, because my boss was nice enough to give me a gift-card to a famous diner in Heber City.
Here we are a good 5lbs heavier after our meal, and I'll show you what I mean.

Holy hecka HUGE. Look at that plate. I wish I could say I ate more than 1 chicken strip and 15 fries, but I couldn't. I was so full. And they give you a huge ice-berg lettuce salad with more dressing than lettuce. Not to mention that SCONE. MY EYES. ARE DREAMING HERE. I grew up eating scones at our Ward Halloween parties and love them deeply. A similar type of dessert to scones is found all across Argentina as a daily pastry -- I'm positive that was a determining factor in me serving there.

And here is a close-up incase your eyers deceived you that it wasn't as delicious as you thought. 

Then we made it to Park City. I'm all about stay-cations. No need to blow your budget, but still get out and have fun. Since I've been back in Provo, I still feel like our time in Park City was in another state -- rather than just 40 mins away. (And I am not a huge fan of traveling for long distances or times -- so this checks all my boxes of what I wanted). 

Our one and only item on the agenda was to have fun and relax and enjoy the mountains and eat good food and binge on the Olympics. So I guess that was 5 things. But five important things. 

The only disappointment of this whole trip was Friday morning, when we realized there wasn't continental breakfast. Biggest let down ever. That was the first time in my life I had McDonald's for breakfast (and hopefully the last). 

Friday morning we went to the Olympic Park -- we spent about 5 minutes in the museum and then the rest of the time on the zipline and alpine slide Bronson found these passes to do all the activities (zipline, alpine slide, tube sliding, ropes course). It took some prodding from Bronson to get me to do the zipline, but once I did it, I loved it, and went 3 more times. 

If you can see, they strap you in this harness, and then they open the green doors and you go sliding down! It's slightly nerve wracking, but thrilling.

 Can we just be serious for a second, the chairlift ride is the scariest part.

Lets be honest, these ski jumpers is what I really wanted to see. Because we went on Friday, we just saw kids and teenagers practicing, but still it was incredible to watch. 

The rest of the day we spent shopping -- because they have the biggest outlet mall ever. It was like my inner-shopaholic-syndrome was coming out and was greatly manifested on our credit card bill. 

Yelp was our friend as we tried discovering places to eat -- but all it showed us was restuarants with two price tags instead of one, and we are like no bueno Yelp. So we settled for Panda Express, Subway. We enjoyed binge watching the Olympics every night, religiously. 

Saturday, we went on a hike that allowed us to see some great sights of the city. Unfortunately our hike was cut short as I got some nasty devilish blisters that are still affecting me today. Right on the achilles heel -- so makes it like 10x worse.

We couldn't go to main street which was a big priority on our list, because of a big art fair -- that just really didn't strike a fancy with us, since it would cost $12 each to get in -- and those kind of art fairs are for rich people who want to blow their money on glass blown toothbrush holders. So we bypassed that and went swimming again for the second time that day. We later went back to Kimball Junction where all the newleywed restaurant friendly places were located and had Zupas. Yum. We went to go see the Swaner Preserve & EcoCenter manned by USU, but that was closed, so we took a walk around the preserve which is HUUUUGE (just like how Donald Trump would say it). 

In honor of our Anniversary Dinner, which we celebrated Saturday night, we ordered Domino's pizza and ate in our hotel while watching the Olympics. It made my fat girl heart happy!

Now just two more selfie of your favorite cutest couple. Because on your anniversary there is no quota for the number of selfies you can have.


  1. Wow you and your friend do look alike! I had to do a double take. Sounds like a fun anniversary trip!

  2. Fun trip! My first anniversary was spent packing and moving (but also with greasy diner food...and a scone!) your first anniversary wins! :)

  3. "Glass brown toothbrush holders" 😂😂 yes, nobody has money for that!;) what a fun anniversary!


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