Kacy's Day

This weekend we celebrated Kacy's wedding! So, alittle background on Kacy. Kacy and I were MTC companions in January 2013. Because my sweet friend Hayley worked at the MTC she was able to find out a whole week before I entered the MTC who my companion would be. So I (of course) searched for her on FB and notified her that we'd be comps. Turns out Kacy was best friends and roommates with one of my best friends and roommate, Lauren Meese. So we were already off to a good start. 

Kacy is a character. Just to give you an idea, when I met her, she was wearing rain boots. Over the next six weeks, Kacy and I laughed non-stop, and gained 10lbs together all thanks to the MTC chocolate chip cookies, and pretending to speak Spanish. We had fun believing that we were trend setters in the MTC and that everyone wanted to be us. 

One night we were doing "planning" if you can even call it that in the MTC, and she was like, "Listen, you are so spoiled and get everything you want. You can't be like that." I am sure it was more elequant than that. But you get the idea. I was shocked, I was like, "everyone loves me as is, what are you talking about?" Oh but how right she was. For the remaining time at the MTC she helped me discover that I could overcome "YCS," also known as Youngest Child Syndrome. It wasn't easy and took my whole mission and still now to get over it. But I have Kacy to thank for helping me! ;) 

Kacy is positive and happy A L L the time. And you're like HOW? I don't know either, but she's always is. After our missions, Kacy and I got to be roommates so I fed off her happiness.  

This is where Kacy said, "we are going to convert Argentina with our good looks." 

My absolute favorite group of roommates.

Saying goodbye to Kacy as she heads to Tennessee to do Recreational Therapy with 
young struggling kids. 

 And now she's MARRIED! (funny enough, she married a guy that went to prom with my cousin in High school! And my step-grandma, Julia, is her brother in laws step grandma too! go figure!)

Bronson and I were lucky enough to go to their Sealing in the Payson, UT temple. Which is BEAUTIFUL. (please notice the scratch on Bronson's forehead .... thats what sleeping scratching can do to you!)

We enjoyed lunch with their family at Magelby's. And the send off:
There were sparks flying ... literally.

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  1. Beautiful pics! They look so happy! And how crazy with the connections with Grandma Julia and all.


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