the other half of the weekend - studio c + olympics

On Friday night we were able to go to Studio C's last live taping show of the season. Thanks to Stacie Harkey for the tickets! We loved it -- as usual and to be expected. Funny enough, we went to Studio C's live taping this exact weekend last year (the weekend before our wedding). Last year we were extremely more stressed as we still had to pack, do cleaning checks, and drive to Oregon all the next day, oh, not to mention how Bronson's wedding ring wasn't ready either. So needless to say, we ENJOYED this so much! 

There are some hilarious sketches coming this year from Studio C!

Saturday, before the wedding, Bronson and I went running. I was telling Bronson that our current experiences really influence what we do. Like for example, when I worked at the University Press Building, and everyone was printing their family history books, I was like, super gung-ho about printing my mission letters and this blog -- and made considerable progress, but didn't quite get it finished. Now, I work at a Skilled Nursing Facility and I'm really adamant about us working out and staying healthy! I've found that the mornings we go running, I'm much happier, and I clean my house before work. Its like bursts of energy -- that I will never have after work. Anyways....since that had nothing to do with anything. 

Saturday evening, after we were exhausted with the wedding -- we finally got time to watch some of the Olympics. This is a big deal for us. I plan to lose hours of sleep because of the olympics. 

We finally decided to get dinner at 8pm. Nothing seemed appealing at the grocery store except 2 cartons of ice-cream. And kettle corn seasoning. Not pictured: Bronson on his phone ordering Brick Oven pizza. I tell you, it was like a fat girls dream come true. Luckily the cashier didn't ask any questions. 

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