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Bronson is packing his backpack and I speak .... or ... type. He begins the Information Systems Masters program tomorrow. And i just begin another Monday at work. (I'm missing school, can you tell?)

This evening after walking in from a nice family dinner, he says, "I'm ready for summer now." Oh I how I wish too. Although we didn't step foot out of the country, or even east of Utah, we spent more hours with family than the last two semesters combined -- so it was a well spent summer.

I really anticipated this summer to be working at Kneaders or Home Depot, and still being as carefree and responsible-less as possible. But even though it didn't turn out like that -- it has been much better than I imagined. The most rewarding part of the summer was paying off my college debt! This is where I would insert 10 hands in the air emojis.

The biggest and best news of the week, was finding out we can live in our apartment for one more year. And just maybe if we cross our fingers, toes, legs and eyes, maybe we can stay here for a year after that. Regardless, we are happy to stay here in 314 for another 365 days.

The second biggest thing that happened was Bronson let me cut his hair. What I really mean by that is, is took Bronson 12 months and a few weeks for him to trust me to touch his hair. I tried to convince him that $8 spent at the barber shop is $8 less we can spend on food or clothes -- you know, the really important stuff in life. ;) So after a hands-on tutorial from his mom, and a few videos on youtube I was convinced it couldn't be that hard. But once I held that vibrating clipper in my hand and realize how much damage I could potentially create -- I almost chickened out. It is a good thing we talked through (four times) in steps how I would cut his hair. Because I almost did a 6 on the bottom, and a 4 in the middle -- which if you know anything about hair cutting -- it needs to be the other way around. Ooops. No one died, our marriage is intact, and the greatest victory of all, we didn't need to shave Bronson's head.

Considering it was the last weekend of summer, Bronson, Jessica, Clayton, Cecily and I went camping at Balsam campgrounds up Hobble Creek Canyon.

I just needed to get one more S'more fix before the summer ended. We ate so good -- thanks to Cecily's tin foil dinners. We ate s'mores, played boggle, and talked. It took me an hour to convince myself we weren't going to have any bear encounters so I should just go to sleep. Because our tent has a mesh top, we wake up when the sun comes out. And I like it that way. We were going to make french toast, when we realized we forgot to pack the connecting piece from the grill to propane tank. So luckily, we had some extra fire wood and it took us an hour to get a fire going.
In the end, it was the best french toast I've had - partially because I was starving, and partially I didn't know if the fire was going to work and we'd be able to even eat.

I've heard that wearing make-up when you go to sleep, and staying in the same cloths, and smelling like smoke is the secret to look like a queen, but I think more like zombie. So for all our sakes, don't look directly at our faces. 

Jessica and her tent. 

Gardner sandwhich. 

Its a victory that we didn't get eaten by bears. So I guess we can go camping again. 

We ate breakfast, thanks to Bronson ( and Cecily) who were persistent and determined to get that fire started. Clayton, Jessica, and I enjoyed listening to music while they worked. 

 In front of their Taj Mahal. 

We went to Balsam earlier this summer with some other friends, but this time, the random campsite i chose was perfectly secluded from everyone. It was awesome. 

Camping will be our number one priority next summer!

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  1. Sounds like a perfect camp trip! And I'm impressed how cute you can look camping too!


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