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Last Sunday, Bronson and I were substituting in the library, and while we weren't able to provide teachers with the pictures they needed, we did supply enough chalk and eraser for everyone. Because we didn't have a key to lock the library, I stayed there for two hours and Bronson went to Priesthood. I spent time reading the summaries printed on the backside of Bible pictures in that blue folder file that is hardly used in anymore. That was fun, so I need to do that more often. While we were there, the first counselor in the bishopric spotted us, and peeked his head in. "Enjoy it while it lasts." Returning his comment with a puzzled look, he said, "I've been married to my wife for 30 years, but its felt more like 15 years because the other times we are separated with church meetings, so enjoy it while it lasts." Will do Brother Speakhard, will do. :) (see picture below of "enjoying it while it lasts")

Monday. Bronson went to his first day of school as a grad student. And i started another Monday at work as the sugamama. 

This week, Bronson scored some FREE coupons (Which in my opinion, are the only kind of coupons that should exist) from WinCo. So I went during my lunch break, and look at the loot I picked up!
This definitely made my college-bank-account-heart happy.

On Friday, my dreams came true as I had an eye appointment. I considered fudging alittle on my answers as they had me read the letters on the board -- but I was honest and still got some glasses out of it! Four eyed Emily coming soon at a location near you!

We hung out with Jessica and got J-dawgs and stopped by the Beehive Bazaar. My dream is to be there next year with my own little homemade goods. We then went to the BYU women's soccer game -- which my goodness was crowded. With over 4,000 fans in attendance, there wasn't even a place for standing room since that was all taken too. But, we enjoyed watching. The best kept secret: is leaving your phone in the car for date night. After the game we watched Bridge of Spies -- which is the best kept secret movie! That was so good and I highly recommend watching it .... on vidangel (in my opinion, vidangel is the ONLY way to watch movies now!). 

Saturday, we went on a run and I thought I was going to die, but Bronson's a good coach and doesn't laugh at me for needing 5+ breaks. 

We made crepes and went to Swiss Days in Midway, UT with Jessica. What should have been a 30 minute drive was 1.5+ hs one way. We drove to the church where they had free parking and a shuttle. We waited for 20 minutes to get on the shuttle -- where my sardines insticts kicked in from my Argentina days on the public transportation buses -- where you really get to know your neighbor. Of course, our bus broke down for a few minutes, but then we were good to go. Along the ride I found a few dream homes -- think: the perfect white farmhouse, with a wrap around porch and a tin roof. Heart. Melting. Mouth. Drooling. The Swiss Days is a big deal, and having never gone I wanted to experience it. However, it was far too crowded for our liking and we only managed to spend an hour there. They had so many vendors, performers, and food. But everything had about a 50 person line so that really turned us off. It was "cool" but I don't think i'll be back for awhile. We waited for the shuttle again to take us back -- and while we waited for 40 mins, Bronson waited in line for a scone that is bigger than someone's face, so it was delicious. It took us 1.5 hours to get back to Provo, but I dropped Bronson off at the Broadcasting building so he could get in line for Countdown to Kickoff. 

I hurried and dropped Jessica off so she could change into a BYU shirt, and I went to my apartment to do the same. She was locked out, so I went back to pick her up and we went to the broadcasting building to meet Bronson. remember, we had about a 30 minute window to do all of that. And we used every second. We made it inside, and in good seats too. 

I knew Bronson was happy when he just looked over and SMILED. But like that really big kid grin smile. Bronson was in his happy element. 

(See minute 44 for us making our debut of fame on the show!)

After the Show, they pull down a 27ft screen for you to watch the game with the other 100 fans. Its like watching the game in a movie theatre. It was awesome. 

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  1. That's so cool you got to watch the game right there! You guys packed in a lot that day! That's awesome!👊🏼


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