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I have let the laundry gather to be twice the height of the laundry basket -- which is my cue to wash it. Laundry has never been the top priority on my to-do list considering, I stain more clothes in the laundry than I do while I'm eating. Figures. Tonight, while Bronson stayed late on campus I began a rather large load. I mumbled, ugh... I can't stand doing laundry. And then I bolted straight up and had alittle mental slap to the face where I said to myself, "how dare you Emily complain about laundry. Waiting 1+ week to do laundry is an evident sign you have far enough clothes to keep your body warm and comfortable. And still a plethora of clothes untouched in your closet and drawer. People around the world wear the same thing everyday because a change of clothes doesn't even exist for them. You can not complain about laundry." I almost gave a "yes mom" to myself as I loaded the first batch. I was quickly reminded of what laundry was like on my mission where you let the clothes sit in a bucket of water for about an hour, then you hung them up to dry and hoped you had enough clothes pin to dry so they didn't fly off/away in the wind. So I could love laundry tonight. Actually, I can love it every time.

A recap of the week is probably about due. On Sunday, we had the Gardner cousins over for dinner --Allison, Tyler and Jessica. Luckily, taco soup comes in clutch for me every time, with Rhodes rolls (don't want to be tooo domestic with homemade rolls), and a salad. This time I sacrificed the only bread we had to make homemade croutons (this meant no PB & J for lunch the next day so they HAD to come out right). And in case you are wondering, they did, and I'm now a huge fan.

Noteworthy, is I made some scones from the Rhodes rolls dough, and another fan moment again for me that night. They were good. Especially with heaps of cinnamon and powdered sugar.

Monday, that almost seems too far back to remember. A nice Dominican Republican lady at work made us rice, meat and beans for us to have for dinner that night. That was sweet of her -- considering she lives paycheck to paycheck in a tiny apartment with her daughters and granddaughters. I always believe a meal I don't have to make, will always be a good meal.

Tuesday, Bronson had his last pack meeting with our regular ward, since our ward was split on Sunday. About time, since we had over 650+ members and with more apartment complexes under construction, they split the ward not only because it was currently necessary but in anticipation for the future families that will move in. Turns out our ward is only a number of blocks in perimeter.
I've begun working on some graphic design things. Monday night I went to bed feeling completely worthless/useless/depressed/unmotivated. All of which are feelings I don't particularly enjoy. I just need to keep myself busy. Bronson suggested a second job, but I vetoed that. ;) I've been racking my brain for ideas/projects that I can do that keep me creating. I wish I was more of a reader, but the last 4 books I've started, I never finished. I want to create more in hopes I can turn off instagram and facebook more easily. Hold on... have to go change the laundry. Okay, I'm back. So I found something I wanted to buy online, and before I gave it more thought, I realized, I could possibly make it on my own. So I started, and I replicated something that was pretty similar, but with my own style to it. I thought, I could do this same thing but for my siblings and their families. So I started, and I worked for about 7 hours total from last night to tonight designing my sisters family, and you know what, the app on my computer was being finicky and wasn't saving (unbeknownst to me), and crashed when I was MINUTES, MINUTES I tell you from being finished. If I was a body-builder with a 5 year old personality, I would have flipped the table, my laptop, and monitor right over. And not even cared. But, don't worry, I'm neither a body builder, nor a 5 year old at heart (most of the time), so I didn't do that. But it looked dramatic and satisfying in my mind. Instead I ran to my room and cried. And thought, I really don't want to have a crying headache, so just stop now before the symptoms onset. So I did. I realized, it really isn't the end of the world (fancy that). I guess this is one of the few times that I've acted like a grown up about this, so I need to document it. Because that doesn't happen often. It is really too bad and takes the fun out of working so hard to design those people -- really, trust me, it was cute. And I guess, if bad things have to happen to all of us, I'll take this rather than a broken car, unhappy husband, or awful job. Knock on wood. I guess I will just have to get back at it tomorrow night and start again. This time, saving every other minute.

I'm still on the search for more projects I can partake in. I'm considering sewing bags with leather straps -- I've never really explored the territory of leather before, and it sounds fun. I'd like to do some woodwork, but that wouldn't work with out apartment right now, not to mention the lack of tools. And i'm not really into cooking/baking -- unless it involves PLENTY of chocolate.

Side note, Bronson and I have been trying to get up every morning and run just 1 mile. We have this 15 minute window between waking up and when we need to start getting ready that we can run. This morning it didn't happen, so I swore to myself I'd do it tonight. But, popcorn got the best of me and it didn't happen, so commiserate with me for a second. Please. For my sake.

Another note, this afternoon Bronson's cousin left for the MTC, so prior to the ceremonial send-off we gathered for lunch. I had all the same pre-mission feelings flood back into me -- it was so terrifying, but so exciting at the same time.

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