My guy: Bronson's 24

Bronson turned 24 this week.

I have some room for improvement in the wife department when it comes to birthdays. Luckily, Bronson has like this part of his heart that his humble, carefree and understanding so he doesn't make anything about him a big deal. So he was content even with a bowl of cereal for breakfast, hardly any lunch, day late presents and BYU losing to Utah.

He received a package from his parents a few days before his birthday and I could hardly wait to open it. I made him open his present at 6:30am. He got a sweet fitbit! #jealous Unfortunately the presents I ordered for him didn't come until the next day - but he was excited to get KanJam and bluetooth headphones (he almost slept with them last night -- so I think he likes them!).

** Thank goodness the only wrapping paper we had was reversible ... otherwise he'd be opening "christmas" presents :)

That day after work, Jessica treated us to Cafe Rio! Thanks Jess! We went to the womens volleyball game with high hopes that we were going to crush Utah, but no, we lost by two. TWO POINTS. Ah.. it aggravatited us. Thanks to Bronson's new fitbit, we were tracking his heart rate and fat burn throughout the game. Sure enough, his heart rate kept going up and up and was in the fat burning zone! Hahaha. Thats what BYU sports does to Bronson. 

Brushing his teeth with his bluetooth headphones. Yep, Bronson approved and tested. 

Some things I love/like about Bronson
1. Always wants to be more happy than mad. Its nice to be around a person that prefers happiness.
2. He is life smart -- he keeps daily tabs on the budget, he takes care of all the bills, tithing, he won't buy anything without a promo code or coupon, he'll tell me to pick him up 30 mins late sometimes just so he can squeeze some more time in at work.
3. He watches (and even asks to watch) HGTV with me? WHAT?
4. He can work a crockpot.
5. He'll drive to Oregon and not complain -- which is the most undesirable thing to me and probably alot of other people, but he we will do it, and I'll sleep for 3/4 of the trip.
6. He works hard in school its inspiring. And works even harder for scholarships (insert slow clap!)
7. He serves diligently in church. Bronson works with the cubscouts every Tuesday night. Evening time is a sacred time for a college student -- but Bronson goes straight from work to cubscouts without even eating dinner every Tuesday so he can be on time.
8. He has "genius building" time every night before he goes to bed. He reads for about 20 mins and plowed through quite a few books this summer.
9. Bronson knows/loves technology. He knows more about technology than all of us (you and I) know about technology combined. It's insane. I spent twenty minutes working on something on my phone, and after getting frustrated I showed him, he had it fixed in less than 1 minute. See I told you.
10. Bronson probably couldn't get more selfless. Considering he lets me spend 9/10ths of the shopping budget every month. Gracias Bronson!
11. Yeah... if you spent as much time with Bronson as I do you'd love him as much as I do.

Happy Birthday my guy. You are one twenty four year old extraordinaire!


  1. Happy Birthday again Bronson! Love the post.

  2. Awww. That's my Bronson! You're are a great writer, and funny, too! :) Thanks for capturing it for me to enjoy from a distance.

  3. Lucky girl to have such a great guy in your life. Yeah Bronson! You're great! Emily, Dad wants to know what his heart rate is when you kiss?


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