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I've been struggling to think of what to write about lately. If nothing hasn't gone terribly wrong -- like running out of gas while driving,  cooking an awful meal, breaking my new iphone, or forgetting about my laundry then I feel like I have nothing to write about.

I feel like I've been hit with the graduation blues. After 4 months, Pinterest just isn't bringing its A-game anymore. Netflix doesn't tempt me. And I see more of my computer than Bronson because well, he's doing homework. So i'm no longer living on my oasis of graduation paradise when B is in school. LAME. I've taken alittle sewing hiatus. Which is unfortunate because I've found so many cute things online that I'd like to try to sew, but then I psych myself out thinking it won't turn out, or I'm still this sewing novice. Which I am, I just try to convince myself otherwise, but only works 50% of the time.

I've found a TON of things I'd love to try -- but that always requires money and I don't have  Benjamin's just falling into my wallet on the daily. So just sit on the taped line right there on the carpet like kindergarten and let me show you what i've been itching to try.

1. Homemade soap. Not really because I'm all urban-organic-eco-friendly-hipster-wannabe. But more like, "look at me, I made this!" And you had to buy your soap from the store. Plus I love candles, soaps, and just anything that smells good, so this is my kinda of realm.

2. Baby Mobile. Not because I'm baby hungry, but more because I saw someone on Etsy selling these for $65+. Rip off. I guarantee you she spent less than 2 big macs at McDonalds for all the supplies. So, I just want to make it and prove to everyone I can try my hand at hand sewing, get it.

3. Dining Room Table.  Not because I actually have a dining room -- we all know this table would take up half our apartment, but because its beautiful. And this is where I would flaunt the hipter-urban-organic-earthly vibes. This table is stunning. I told Bronson we weren't every buying a bedframe, bookshelves, table, or play construction, we have to build it ourselves. He replied with a silent HUGE eye brow raise. And I said, "Thanks!".

4. These shoes. Smitten. My friend introduced me to them, and when I got them (in a different color) it was like, "Emily meet long lost friend, long lost friend meet your new home -- Emily's feet." Still debating if i want these or a fitbit for my birthday. Luckily I have 2.5 months to decide, but they are both just so good. And I never pass on an opportunity to amp my fashion appeal, so I just don't know. Verdict is TBD. Come back in December to see final decision.

5. This couple. They're building their own home right now. No, not through a contractor, themselves! It's already part of my 2017 resolution to make 1 thing she offers on her website. Adding a jigsaw to my christmas list right now. And by jigsaw, I do not mean the puzzle. :)


  1. I actually know what a jigsaw is bc Gary wanTed one for a birthday a feel years ago. But before that, never knew such a thing existed! I love your ambition to build and create. Can't wait to see what you go up with. You can totally make me a baby mobile. ;)

  2. Keep up those good desires to create and build. So proud of you.


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