The church is still true, even though byu lost

Bronson and I are approaching the day after a hangover of disappointment last night as we watched BYU lose to University of Utah. The only plus side of the evening was having Clayton, Cecily, and Jessica to provide some social entertainment. Oh, and the fact that Dominos didn't screw up my pizza this time. That was nice too.

Somehow, I found myself more emotionally invested in this game. Was it the fact I was an alumni, or because I have a husband who's portion of happiness is dependent on BYU? Whatever it was, the number of Cecily's cookies I ate is a good indication of how stressed I was. Five cookies. F-I-V-E. And I doubt the hour of badminton Bronson and I played at the park really burned enough for me to earn that many cookies. Hello thunder thighs. I couldn't even fall asleep last night I was still bugged. I have no bragging rights when I walk into work on Monday morning. *Sigh* the real stresses of life are getting to me.  Luckily, this book helped me to find sleep.

In other news ....
One of these days I might start cooking chicken right, not getting toothpaste in my hair, and ... just maybe learn to change the wash right after its finished rather than a week later, forcing me to wash all of it again.

I was thinking of about a few reasons why its the washer's fault that the clothes didn't get changed.
First, that buzzer only rings once. Who ever hears things the first time? Clearly, not me. When you cook something in the oven and the timer goes off, it will keep ringing until you turn it off. Now why didn't anyone invent that in the washer?

Second. What if I could control my washer with my phone. I  could start a cycle and then see exactly when its to be finished -- or stop it early. I really could use a notification that said "Hey Emily, your load of wash is done. Just a friendly reminder that Bronson would probably appreciate it if you switched. Enjoy your clean clothes!" If only washers greeted me like that, I'd say, I would wash everyday.

As of lately,  cooking dry chicken is my specialty right now. I also managed to leave my water bottle in my purse and have that leak all through the night. Niiiiiice.

A picture from the wetlands walk we took at the most spacious park we found yesterday.


  1. Haha! Yes you should create an app for that;) or just set a good ol timer on your phone ;)

  2. Sorry about the water bottle leak in your purse. Yikes! Does that book mean that you're running now? Like Mere's suggestion, the timer on my phone is what I live by when doing my wash. Good luck!


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