things i won't remember unless i write it down

Some experiences lately that I don't want to forget, but seeing I don't have a physical journal, just bear with me:

Morning of September 1st: 
Me : "Bronson! Do you know what day it is?!"
B : "September 1st?"
Me : "Do you know what that means?!"
B : "You're going to blow all our money?"
Me : "A NEW SHOPPING BUDGET! WAHOO (insert happy dance!)"

That day started out good.


I feel like church choir is underrated. Not that is has a bad rap, but rather, has no rap.  Now that I play the piano for our church choir. And I admit, I complain about it every Sunday -- I really thought I paid my dues as a kid, when we had ward choir in our living room. I hate how nervous I get 24 hours before we sing in church (which in reality -- is NOT that big of a deal). But we sang last week in church -- and I guess those moments of real nervousness and angst is when I really rely on Heavenly Father the most for help -- and then to feel His help when I play, its such a cool feeling to know He's aware of me and my needs and wants to help me. (Evidence: I made a mistake every time we practiced singing it -- or on my own time -- except for when we sang in church). So I just need to record that for my kids and grandkids to know how real God is. 


We attended Bronson's masters program orientation tonight. It was fun to hear from the different professors he'll have for this semester, and just how much work its going to be. After the dean spoke, I leaned over to Bronson and said, "Man, he really lost me with his speech." Bronson quickly let me know that that was Elder L. Tom Perry's son. Oops.

I really appreciated another professor who said, "Dear spouses of the IS students, thank you for giving up your spouses for two years and we promise we will give them back." That was my loose interpretation of it.

Another professors advice is applicable to all of us -- which I think especially helped me in my work setting this week, but he encouraged us to add value to everything we were doing : in our conversations, in our situations, in our work settings. Example: Imagine a picture with us in it and one without us, are adding good and value to what we are apart of -- and is the picture better because of us.


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