what labor day has taught me

Let us just take a second to remember what was taking place labor day 2015.
It was the weekend of labor day that we were given the keys to 314. And so our entire weekend was a mix of this: (I can't fail to mention that it was BYU's first game of the season at Nebraska, and being one of their best games of the season, I made Bronson miss it so we could move in to our apartment.)

Alittle love at first sight action going on :

Not-so-love-at-first-sight anymore. More like Tornado Zone.

Now, a more accurate representation of what our apt. looks like 9% percent of the time, or in other words, when guests come to visit.

This year, Labor Day was more relaxed than last. After all, we weren't moving in. I worked in the morning for a few hours -- because my work is like that. (don't get me started). Today we shopped with jessica, went to get fro-yo, and kayaking at the Springville Reservoir (thanks to Uncle Brad and Aunt Dana for providing the kayak and oars). Bronson's one request was to get firehouse subs for dinner, which we did.

I highly recommend going to the reservoir. There is a paved trail circling the lake and connects to the canyon. It is a super family-friendly place with plenty of picnic tables / shade / grass area.

Oh and I made a doll last night. It really isn't all that great, especially because she lost a pigtail during production, has no face and no clothes, and is stuffed with a cut up BYU shirt, but I just wanted to start and finish something that night. So I'm more proud of myself for not giving up than for how the doll actually turned out. :)

What has forever changed my view of work:
If you know me, you've probably heard my woes and struggles with full-time work. I think that being said, is an indication of how much I enjoyed classes instead. I've held a handful of jobs, and even 3+ at a time, but never quite on the full-time level, and well its just been alittle hard.

But yesterday, while listening to Music and the Spoken Word, I had this pivotal point in my heart about work. I've done alot of different things in my life that have required work -- but I've settled for doing the minimum work possible (unfortunately). I think to make up for my lack of work ethic, I hoped I would always marry a boy from Idaho, because I was convinced they were the best workers, but turns out, Bronson is just as good.

So i'm on this self-proclaimed journey to enjoy work more. I'm providing some words that Lloyd Newell said in his presentation of Music and the Spoken Word and maybe it will help you enjoy work just alittle bit more too.

"Everything good that has ever been accomplished in human history happened because of work, usually hard work. Sometimes our most enthusiastic efforts have been trying to find ways to make things easier. Work never completely goes away. Work is the engine of life. It is the reason to get up in the morning and the satisfaction when we take our rest in the evening.  In many countries there is a day set aside to honor the men and women that get work done, its called Labor Day.
It is work that gets the grass mowed, car washed, the hay in the barn at the end of the season, laundry folded, diseases cured, food transported from one end to another. Work designs and builds bridges, home, building and factories.
But even more than that, work builds people. It teaches disciplines, focus, and requires sacrifice.
Work is more than what we do, it shapes who we are.
Far from being something to avoid, work is a blessing and a necessity. We are thankful we can work. Work makes our world a better place. "

Lastly he shared a quote by Thomas Edison -- who was the inventor of so many things we use each day, he said, "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overall and looks like work."

Come on everyone, lets put our shoulders to the wheel.

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