Dose of impulsivity.

Impulsivity is what most people would define as acting on a whim, or without forethought. My definition is more like: what could get you fired or get you a raise.

Through a series of events this week, I exhibited alot of impulsivity. Which had me anxious and worried for two days. I counted myself as out of commission and watched LOTS of episodes of Last Man's Standing on Netflix to ignore my feelings (Thanks Vivienne for the Netflix!).

As we were driving home from work/school last night, I made Bronson stop at Papa Murphey's to get a pizza. Ten dollars tasted so much better to me than cooking in the kitchen and doing dishes. I found a good coupon online that was for online only, but convinced that 16 year old cashier to make it count in the store as well. The pizza completely ruined my chance of a normal calorie count day, but I justified it with the good bargain. WAHOO. I guess I can get buy with my real eyelashes instead of getting fake ones. (hahah).

Last night before falling asleep, I told Bronson how badly I wanted this pair of shoes (What is it with girls and shoes...i don't know either, but its a real thing) he said, "well, if you get that raise at work you can buy a new pair of shoes." He just got himself out of dinner dishes for a week, maybe two. Wise man, wise man.

And then today happened, I had my little meeting with some big wigs, and I got that raise. I finally feel like I'm worth more than a Zupas or Panda Express cashier. HANDS IN THE AIR. And once work was over, I found myself five minutes later in the parking lot to buy those shoes. (Impulsivity is real guys!). And maybe it isn't the best, but oh well.

In other news, it is officially carhartt-sock-wearing-season. YAY. I'm wanting to make these cookies, but I can't justify making them when I really can't get myself to run a mile in the morning. So i'll just read the recipe instead and stick to my daily dosage of semi-sweet chocolate chips.

That's all I have to say. :)


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