"I hate fall." - Said no one ever.

Except, in the mornings it feels like Utah skipped the whole fall season and went straight to winter, since it was 38 degrees and ice covered windows.

The really only noteworthy parts of this past week was BYU football, General Conference, and cinnamon rolls (yes. I did mean to write Cinnamon rolls).

Friday night, Bronson and I were those sinners that skipped our mission reunions to attend the BYU Football game vs. Univ. of Toledo. Luckily, Hayley (my best friend/roommate) was only a few rows away, so she sat by us and I had someone to talk to for the whole game! It was a fun game to watch -- with equally matched teams and scores the entire game until the last minute. In which i prayed in its entirety.

Saturday, we got up early to do chores before Conference. Bronson tried cleaning the bathroom, but kept coming back to the TV to watch Kalani Sitake be interviewed on BYU sports nation pre-conference show. I made crepes for us to eat Saturday morning.

Between sessions we strategically planned our trip to Sam's Club to capitalize on the opportunities for samples. Lunch was served for us, thanks Sam's. Bronson and I's biggest argument lately was whether would should buy rice in bulk or not. I prefer the 2 LB bags at Smiths, and he prefers the 20 LB from Sams. The bottom of the cart should be an indication of who won the argument.

After the afternoon session we went to the park and played KamJam -- a frisbee game Bronson got for his birthday. But to be honest, I prefer just throwing the frisbee back and forth, partially because I've lost every time I played, but still.

Bronson attended the Priesthood session and I spent some much overdue time at Joann's, Hobby Lobby and TJMaxx. I felt pretty good about myself as I spent a combined total of $23.00 from all three places, compared to the girl next to me at TJMaxx spent $501.93. You're welcome Bronson.

I wake up early on the weekends, which bothers Bronson, but they're my days off and I feel like I have to completely maximize them! I have to get in my time to sew and craft. I was able to do that while we watched Sunday morning and afternoon conference. In between that I made cinnamon rolls for the first time. Mostly, so I felt like we were being like every other Mormon family on conference weekends. Which now totally explains why cinnamon rolls are only a twice a year thing -- they take forever.

The cinnamon rolls tasted like a million bucks -- and probably were a million calories. But YUM. Good thing its fall now, so I can worry less about my beach body and worry more about my sweater body. So bring on all the cinnamon rolls. Kuddos to Mels Kitchen Cafe for providing recipes that keep our marriage intact.

After the Sunday Afternoon session of conference, feeling only slightly guilty about the cinnamon rolls we ate, we walked to and around the temple.  (more on Conference insights to come)

The product of my trip to Joann's and hobby lobby. I made this key chain in about 1 min and 25 seconds. Its not suppose to look like a million bucks, but its already saved me from digging and digging and digging in my purse to find my keys. So its a win for me!

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  1. You go girl with the cinnamon rolls and key holder! Love the temple pretty!


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