Gardner weekend 03

A weekend of doing and observations. 

Friday night, Bronson and I walked to the temple after work to do sealings. It was a beautiful walk there, but just two hours later when we left it was pitch black. We got home and went to Zupas. Bronson and I discovered the deliciousness of Zupas on our anniversary trip to Park City, although we both agreed, Park City was just alittle more enjoyable, since the Provo restaurant was LOUD and lots of movement with the college kids (geez, that makes us sound like we are old people.)
I love their nuts about berries salad and pesto chicken panini. I love married dates compared to dating-dates. We came home and watched Mockingjay Part 2. Observations: It had been two years since we had seen part 1, but I felt like they had to make it super suspenseful to get people to watch it. Basically we had sweaty hands the entire movie. Also, it was pretty predictable, and I can NEVER predict movies. So, basically, I was glad once it was over. 

You never want to be too healthy... 
Saturday, it was Bronson's idea to make chocolate covered strawberries, and I concurred, so I made them, and by the end of the day I had 12 and Bronson had 1. Totally normal, right? For most of the day we cleaned the apartment -- like vacuuming baseboards, cleaning the closets (I can now see the carpet of our closet now!), and all that magic. It was so beautiful, but only lasted for a couple of hours until I had to make dinner. We enjoyed watching the BYU vs. Michigan game -- we are finally winning so its enjoyable to watch again. We wish we could watch the games with family! 

Saturday since we spent most of the day indoors we went out to Target -- we were excited we found some wedding gift cards from all the cleaning and we need a new dresser so we were hopeful in finding one. Instead, we walked out with a bike tire replacement and some hair clips. Even more disappointed we scanned our gift cards which had only cents on them! Bummer. We enjoyed frozen yogurt by 7pm because I had made an early dinner -- Chicken and Wild Rice Soup. Observations: It was a bit too salty for my taste, so I'd omit that next time. I substituted long grain rice in for wild rice (because in case you weren't aware, Bronson convinced me it was necessary to buy the 20LB bag of rice at Sams club last week! Eek!) So in no way am I buying any more rice until that bag is GONE. Anyways, I wish I would have doubled the amount of rice in the soup. Let it be known I made dinner on a Saturday. That usually never happens. 

After frozen yogurt, we went to Sams Club for groceries. As we left the parking lot, so devastated, I told Bronson, "we are those people that go grocery shopping for their date." We came home and watched Concussion, thanks to VidAngel. Observations: Woah. So many things to say. One, I kept forgetting this was Will Smith acting, he did a phenomenal (and I don't say that word very often) job acting. I think of Will Smith as a sterotypical punk/humor actor like in Hitch, but he did an awesome job. Two, I am banking on the fact that Bronson's and my genes combined we will not have a child that will be equipped to play football.  If not. I'll be praying for that. Third, it made me completely aware of an issue I had no idea existed, and it is extremely sad. However, I realize that every college/pro football play will NOT experience CTE, it just makes them much more likely. So, if you are interested in medical science and football you should watch it. 
The Laundry Brigade
After the movie, I remembered we hadn't folded any of the laundry from the three loads that day. When I sent this picture to my sisters one asked, "Any laundry fiasco this time?" Surprisingly no. However, when I loaded the first batch of clothes that morning, I noticed a soap pod had landed in the middle hole of the washer -- just sitting there, untouched. Face palm. Some load in the past while never got its dose of laundry soap. Whoops. And yesterday, I only drove 2 blocks before realizing the emergency brake was still one. Winning. 

Leaning Tower of Waffles....
I talked to my friend awhile back who said she made waffles and buttermilk syrup every Sunday. That left me perma-jaw dropped. I'm a make-breakfast-on-Sunday-once-a-year type of person. And last week's cinnamon rolls already filled my quota. But I was feeling fancy in my not so clean kitchen anymore and wanted to make something with pumpkin. I made these pumpkin waffles and this buttermilk syrup. It was a really good combination. But I was full after 3/4 of the waffle. It reminded me of my last P-Day in my mission, my American companion, Hermana Hafen and I wanted to celebrate and go to a restaurant -- mostly so I could spend the rest of my pesos. We found they had waffles, we immediately ordered them ($85 pesos per person) and they brought us out one section of the 4 sections you would normally eat from a waffle. Oh, you know, slightly livid. But, it was still good and extremely memorable, apparently. 

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  1. all i have to say is you ate a ton of good food this past weekend! YUMMMM!!!!!
    We are a fan of zupas too!


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