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the difference between me and Bronson. Me: Dressed up for an Arctic storm. Bronson: in a t-shirt. Just like everyone else

So far, I've held true to my pinky promise to Bronson to attend every home football game. Last year, I might've exaggerated a few headaches to make it impossible for me to go to the game, but this season I'm sticking to my promise. 

Friday night when I picked Bronson up from work after 5pm, herds of people were making their way to the stadium for the game -- that didn't start for 3 more hours! BYU fans are nuts. But, only an hour later, Bronson and I found ourselves making the trek too. We arrived with 1.5 hrs to spare before kick-off, and only managed to get seats near the very top. *head shake* Unbelievable. 

It was a fun game to watch -- tied for most of the game -- until the very end and we landed in double overtime. I only chewed on two nails, so thats improvement. And Bronson's heart rate almost reached a record high. Long game short -- Tanner Balderee made an amazing TD on the first down of the 2nd Overtime. I was permajaw-dropped. He's an Oregonian by the way. Luckily, we held off Mississippi State from making another TD securing the win. It was fun to win, especially since it was Homecoming and it seemed that all the students stormed the field -- except for us. #toooldforthat

Bronson and I didn't get to bed until 1:30am *crying*, but I just have to remind myself, I'm only 23 once, living at BYU/Provo once, and might not be rich enough to have season tickets so ENJOY IT. And that I will. Although it does sound heavenly to watch the game from my couch every once in awhile. 

Saturday I cleaned while Bronson took a test. Someone tell me why I love cleaning on Saturday's -- like organize under the kitchen sink love it -- but I can't STAND to do dishes during the week after work. That afternoon we attended the Homecoming Spectacular, we've attended every year since 2014. So i guess its a tradition? We saw/heard Gladys Knight, Peter Hollens, and Lexi Mae Walker -- all fabulous artists. I love that I can do things with Bronson that he loves, and Bronson does things with me that I love. 

Right after the performance we picked up Joan, a long time friend from back home. Well, she's actually's Meredith's friend who joined the church while in high school. But everyone that meets Joan loves her, she instantly makes you laugh alot. Joan lived 1 block away from Bronson and I when we were dating, so when we went on runs sometimes we would see her. Random: but I remember being super discouraged about something my sophomore year (2012) and was sitting on the grass near my apartment it was pretty dark outside, but Joan walked by -- she was having pregnancy contractions and was just trying to ease the pain. That was alittle tender mercy because Joan makes everything positive again. Anyways, what I really was trying to say, is Joan was kind enough to take our pictures -- and I've just seen a few but I love them. Really love them. I mean, she even made it fun for Bronson -- and what guy enjoys taking pictures. No guy. Afterwards, Bronson spoiled me by helping me get some new Nikes (thanks to the pay raise, since I returned the original pair I bought). S now, Bronson and I have matching shoes! How many couples can say that... 
And then we went to Carrabbas -- we've been savoring our wedding giftcards and found a new Italian place we love!

Sunday, today, we had a good church meeting. the Spirit reminded me something I want to focus more on in my life. I can easily list of plenty of reasons and ways I know Heavenly Father loves me, but what am I doing to show Him that I love Him. Am I being obedient? Am I fully committed to the gospel? Am I fulfilling my calling? There's alot of questions that I can ask myself to evaluate my actions to do better about showing God that I really love Him. 

Lastly, I have to add a few of these pictures just for history's sake. Today was a big day for my dad, hosting Elder Ballard for Stake Conference. My dad felt prompted two weeks ago to email the stake to ask them to fast for the Spirit to be upon their Stake conference the next week. That fast sunday as he was driving home, he received a call from President Ballard (Elder Ballard's son is serving as the Mission President in our area), and told him that Elder Ballard was coming to visit and was wondering if he could attend the Stake Conference. (how cool is that?) We always love hearing my dad speak -- so we wish we could have been there, but how cool to work so closely with an Apostle of God. Not many get that experience, and I'm glad my dad could (and I'm also glad thats not me -- PRESSURE! ;). 

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  1. Your hair is so pretty, too! Love you two, and your smiles!


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