Gardner weekend 05

This weeks new recipes: Chocolate quinoa blueberry bark (copycat of Costco's version, because we are too poor for a membership). chicken tuscan garlic fettuccini & just to reminisce Summer alittle, Confetti Rice & Beans Salad 

Usually early on Monday morning, Bronson makes some remark about how ready he is for the weekend. I always second the motion. While school keeps getting harder for him -- work just remains work for me.

On Friday, I had this realization that some miracles come in forms of lives saved and hearts changed, but some of my miracles that day were alittle less monumental -- but equally appreciated. 1. Fumbled with a sharpie (cap-less) and I didn't get any marks on my favorite pants. 2. Found a buy one get one free meal for dinner coupon in my car cup holder. 3. Found paper bowls stashed away so I didn't have to wash a real bowl because were all out. 4. I could eat a 4 scoop bowl of ice cream guilt free considering work was so busy I never got a lunch break. So many miracles. #itsthelittlethings

That night we watched a movie on campus for Bronson's informations systems security class. I didn't follow like any of it. But, he doesn't follow my Jane Austen movies, so we are even. The cliff notes version of what I did catch was the story behind the Stunxnet virius -- where the US created a virus targeted to destroying Iran nuclear facilities. The US teamed up with Israel in this cyberwar attack, but Israel didn't follow through as they were suppose to (naughty naughty them) and in the end, Iran found out about all our cyber stuff and has created even stronger cyber defenses because of this failed attack. To counteract all that technology jumbo, we watched the mormon pride and prejudice -- i swear, it gets worse and worse every time I watch it. 

Saturday, I spent some time at work (a dream come true...walking into work on a Saturday!) and Bronson spent time on campus working on his midterm. Bronson was pretty frustrated with his midterm and how difficult it was. I asked him "What do you have to do for your midterm?" He responded, "hack into a computer." Oh yeah, right, no big deal. If you need any illegal hacking work -- call 1-800-Bronson-the-hacker.

We spent that afternoon at Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point, and had so much fun. In the five years I've lived in Provo, it was high time I go to a corn maze. We completed a bingo game through the corn maze where you had to find different stations and complete a bingo. 
Before we left, we watched the Stunt Dog Show -- which I realized later, was all part of Bronson's plan to convince me again that we need to get  a dog some day. It was super fun to watch. Cornbelly's was a fun place -- lots of family, pumpkins, chilly fall air, perfect! That night we watched The Pursuit of Happyness, it's been a long time since I've seen it. I would highly recommend it -- mostly because it makes you feel like you need to save every penny you ever earn and be more grateful for all that you have, your circumstances, your blessings, everything. (Can you tell I bawled at the end of it?)

If we get lucky and are rich someday. We are TOTALLY making this for our backyard -- its called Barnyard Billards, so its like playing pool, but with soccer balls. 

Tonight, for dinner, we had my roommate from Sophomore year come over for dinner. Hannah and I were good friends in 2012 -- such good memories. She's pretty incredible, she's studied abroad 3+ times, served a mission, in the masters of accounting program at BYU, on target to becoming a professor, super cheerful and so incredibly nice. I'm sad I didn't get a picture with her. And in case you were wondering, yes, I had a mid-cooking-chicken-crisis, *sight* but she didn't seem to notice, so phew. 

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    1. I was thinking the same thing. Was it yummy? I want some, and I want some of those ginger cookies you make! Fun weekend, well sort of, after work and the midterm. You rock Bronson.


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