Gardner Weekend 06

Sadly, I'm alittle bah-hum-bug about halloween. The only semi-decoration in our apartment is my pumpkin spice candle. Halloween is either fun when you're a kid or have kids, but not in the in-between.

For 2014, Bronson and I went to dinner, and hiked the Y. For 2015, we went out to dinner and watched a movie. Sensing a trend here? For 2016, we will probably eat in (since we REALLY blew our budget this last month for eating out, whoops. Bye bye actual necessities we need, Smash burger just really tempted us and beat you out). and Bronson will do hw and I will, do nothing.

Emily as Princess Jasmin circa 1996. CUTTTIE. But, I wasn't an angel child, so the face is really deceiving.

Bronson & I had a full Saturday at the Temple and then onto my Smith Family Halloween Party in Farmington. Because we drove my Grandma Julia, it was fun to visit with her the entire way. She amazes me with all she can do at her age of 81. Remarkable. And most of all, even after my grandpa passing, I'm so glad she's still an integral part of our family. After all, I've known her longer than I did my grandma Phyllis. Since I was only 7 when my grandpa remarried, I was too young enough to "care" or "know" about what was going on. I remember even asking my mom, after hearing the news of my grandpa's engagement to Julia, if they were going to have any kids. I didn't even realize my grandpa was 81 when he got remarried. I knew that Julia and Grant (grandpa) knew each other -- as Grant was an Organic Chemistry professor at USU and so was Julia's husband, so by nature they crossed paths. Later on in Julia's life, at 50, Julia divorced her husband for a variety of reasons we are grateful she could get out of that relationship. During her 20 years of single life, she started working full-time at the University and then earned her Masters in Special Education (jaw-dropped when she told me that! wow!). She travelled to various conferences for her job, and by a tender mercy, just a short before she reconnected with my grandpa she happened to sit by Geoff (my uncle) and Garrett (my cousin) on a flight home from Washington D.C. They made the connection that Julia knew Grant and Phyllis (grandma). During the fall of that year, Grant and Julia reconnected when they were getting flu shots at their doctors office. My grandpa didn't ask her on a date until a whole year later, as he did some research, calling friends of her that he knew to make sure she was an active member of the church, and so forth! (GRANDPA!??) Turns out she is a wonderful woman, so he asked her to drive to Bear Lake with him to get a raspberry milkshake. She was to have surgery that day, so he went alone and brought her back the milkshake -- and not too long later they were married. Something I don't want to forget about what Julia said was, that without marrying my grandpa, she doesn't think she would have been able to be a temple worker or have visited the temple as often had she not been with Gill. I thought that was pretty neat. 
Alice-Anne & Gary's family at the Smith Halloween Party

Can you guess what Alice-Anne is...? The Solar System. Spencer and Eliott are obsessed with space right now and "built" her costume to be as scientifically accurate as possible -- represented in the size and colors of the planets. 

Darth Vadar and a cute nerd. I asked Elliot "Who are you?" Elliot: "I'm Elliot, no, I mean a Solider boy, no I mean Darth Vadar!" Identity Crisis. 

Anyways, Friday was my day off and I woke up grinning. Does everyone else feel that way? By 10:30 I was on my home from Joanns and Hobby Lobby ready to sew. I started and finished something which usually never happens so YAY. I made gingersnap cookies. Sometimes I think they are considered the "step-child" in the realm of cookies, but they're my favorite and taste like fall. I did the dishes after 3 days of not doing them. Reorganized cupboards and helped my friend with her website. Bronson and I grabbed dinner before watching the Womens Volleyball team beat San Diego in a 3-0 sweep. 


  1. I love how your silicone baking mat shows you where to place your cookies. ;)

  2. I didn't know (or forgot) alot of julia and grandpa's love story! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Such a fun read! You keep me and Dad laughing! You're good for our health. Wonderful things you shared about Grandma Julia and Grandpa. You're were such a cutie! And still are!


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