mid-week digging

What's new: Well, I officially made it until Thursday without having to make a meal. Victory lap taking place in my 8 ft. kitchen. This was accomplished by making 2 meals on Sunday and eating tortilla chips and chocolate chips (a handful in each hand) for dinner on Tuesday. Its what I do when Bronson goes to cubscouts.

What I'm digging: These silicone cupcake liners. I bought them with some free amazon gift cards. No more making muffins and realize before you bake them you're out of liners!

What I'm digging 2.0: I made this on Sunday. And it was so good. I can forever cut Panda Express out of my diet.
via Oh Sweet Basil
My sister in law Jessica was sick, so we managed to make this simultaneously as homemade chicken noodle soup. I was hesitant that the chicken would be too tough, because we let it marinade in teriyaki sauce for about 3x longer than listed. But it was still great! I substituted the majority of the vegetables for what I had, and it was perfect.

What I'm digging 3.0 : Pictures by Joan (i'd link to her website... but that is in the works!)

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  1. Perfect pictures. And way to not make dinner for 4 days!


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