my very last time at Macaroni Grill

On Thursday night, I texted Bronson, "hear me out, but we are either going out for dinner or not having dinner at all." Definitely the most threatening text I've sent him. It might have been the fact that the shoes I recently bought just didn't work out, or I really needed some Bronson + Me time (that means the masters program has really been kicked into a higher gear here. Case in point, I go to bed at 9:30pm and he goes to be at 12:30am). He of course found a coupon before we left and we decided to go to Macaroni Grill since I still had some gift card money from my birthday, thanks to my in laws.

Per usual, I couldn't decide what to get. My safety option is fettucini alfredo and chicken malanesa (but they discontinued that for the second time! I must have been their only customer, because hands down that was my favorite.) So, I debated about the "chicken marsala" dish. It sounded fancy and yummy. Keep in mind, I'm getting Marsala confused with MASALA (indian type of sauce). I of course ask a half a million questions before ordering.

Me: "So, tell me what is the marsala sauce like?"
Waiter: "Well, its like a wine sauce, have you ever had a wine sauce?"
Me: "Yeah, I've had like alfredo sauce before."
BLANK STARE FROM WAITER. Mind you, I thought he said "WHITE" sauce, not "WINE" sauce.
Me, almost blushing, why is he looking at me like I'm a dumb blonde.
Waiter: "Okay, yeah its kinda like the same consistency."
Me: "So what is it like?"
Bronson: "He just answered that."
Me: "Right, I'm just curious about the taste."
Waiter: "Well, its a wine sauce so..."
Me: "Yeah i've had plenty of WHITE sauces before..."
Waiter: "I've never had it, but its on of our house favorites"
Me (in my head) : "I don't know, it doesn't have that symbol next to it that indicates its really a house favorite, can I even trust this guy?"
Me: "Okay, sure, I'll get it."

Exit Waiter stage left.

Bronson: "You realize he was saying WINE sauce, not WHITE sauce."
Me: "Wait, WHAT? Are you serious?? Oh no, no, no, no, no! Shoot!"
Bronson: "The wine gets completely cooked out."
Me: "I know that, but what if it tastes weird still!"

Basically I debated back in forth about changing my order. Bronson said I should go talk to them so I did. I talked to them and said, "oh were you saying WINE sauce, not WHITE sauce!? I'm an idiot!" They assured me it was still going to taste good and if i didn't like it they would bring me out something else. (which I've wondered if they actually would or if its just an empty promise that comforts the customer).

Well, in the end, I liked it. I really did. It was actually pretty tasty -- the carmalized onions helped.
As we walked out, Bronson said, "oh that might be the last time I take you out to eat." haha... needless to say, I always have to make it interesting -- and not always in the best way!

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  1. This story makes me laugh because it's totally something that would happen to me!😂 Love the photobomber in the back


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