Tomorrow, I am taking the day off, just for fun. I'm feeling like a kid on the night before christmas, but a really tired kid. I don't even know what to do all day. Some potential plans are: spend time at Joann's and Hobby Lobby. Make some ginger snap cookies. Clean the apartment. Paint my nails. Priorities. 

This past week my greatest accomplishment was making 3 actual meals. No promises I actually  did the dishes in a timely manner though. (<---New years resolution 2020! I'll get there, one day!) 

Bronson's greatest accomplishment was hacking into a computer and accessing encrypted/protected files for his midterm.  

Bronson's also spent a great deal of time with his new mistress, since his first one died. RIP DELL LAPTOP. I was only convinced he could get a new laptop if he makes sure he gets a full-time job after graduation. #investment

Bronson's favorite component of the new laptop is it's scanning mechanism -- when you open it up it scans your face to log your into the computer, rather than the old-fashioned way of typing it in. My computer is totally ghetto now. 

Explaining the intricate detail of the silver metal mixed with the thin glass screen. 

My friend Carlie at work (random side note: Carlie and I worked together in the MTC cafeteria, like every other freshman at BYU. We worked the same shifts but never talked to each. Now, we work together again and make it a priority to talk everyday... because lets face it, we are the only office staff members under the age of 40!). Anyways... back to my story, Krispy Kreme was running a one day special of Pumpkin Spice donuts, and suffering from FOMO (that would be "Fear of Missing Out" for my elderly parents), we HAD to try them. So we went on our lunch break. After having my donut and it tasting SO good, I also felt like I didn't need another donut for the rest of time. (See my instagram for my Boomerang video). 

A patient left her flowers in her room once she was discharged, so the housekeeper placed them on my desk. After a plethora of people asking who gave them to me -- I of course said, "I wish I could say they're from my husband, but they're not!" My boss wrote on one of the business cards, "To Emily, From your husband Bronson". I feel totally better now. 
Hey Bronson, nudge, nudge, hint hint, wink wink, tulips are my favorite. 

New recipes I've tried this week: Broccoli Cheddar Soup,  Chicken Noodle Soup

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  1. How fun you're working Carlie. And yes, I was wondering from your Instagram post what FOMO meant. Haha! Your Boomerang video was crazy! Nice computer, Bronson. So cool!


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