gardner weekend 07

The five days that follow the weekend are always the hardest. ;)

Bronson and I decided to settle on J-dawgs for dinner (thanks to some coupons someone gave us before they moved out of state!), and then we walked around Home Depot for an hour. My dreams of building a home someday were quickly crushed. Renovation is expensive. Something you might not know about Bronson is how giddy-kid-like-happiness he gets about Christmas. Like, he made us walk through every aisle of Christmas decorations. Afterwards we went home and watched a movie.

Saturday, we got up and cleaned. We've been buying more in bulk from Sam's club and I didn't want some of the onions we bought to go bad, so I've found my preferred method for cutting onions is with swimming goggles on. We left at noon to attend the Countdown to Kickoff show before the game. It was the cougars last road game, so it was our last chance to go. We landed front row seats. After the show, I ran home and made lunch for two of my mission companions Hermana (Kyna, technically) Hafen, and Hermana (Brenna) Jolley (well, now Larson). It was so fun to catch up with them. These companions were my best of friends in the mission, and I got a chance to serve with them twice in my mission.

Hna. Jolley, me, Hna Hafen in Plottier, Neuquen 2014. 

After lunch, I picked Bronson up from the broadcasting building as he watched the game there since we didn't have the channel. We drove to West Jordan to tend the John's kids, as they had their last date night pre-Junior Johns. Holy smokes, those are the most well behaved kids I have ever seen. Like, I was floored. They were angels, who for fun discuss everything they know about planets, the solar system and everything in that realm. Like, right now do you know how many miles the earth is from the Sun? Elliot, the five year old, answered me without missing a beat. And he was over hearing my conversation with Spencer. In case you're wondering its 93 million.

After dinner (which they were so kind to make for us before we got there!), we watched Studio C sketches, played a board game and they went to bed, and I stayed up and sewed a quilt top with Kenna. You know, just trying to be the cool aunt. #winning

Sunday after Stake Conference we went for a walk -- ever since Bronson got this fitbit he's adamant about getting in the 10K steps a day. I think sometimes when you live with someone and are on your phones it's really hard for conversation to flow between the two people. But when we go on walks we always find something to talk about which I really love. Sometimes we discuss important things, sometimes we don't. This week we talked about how we will put up the Christmas tree up this weekend so we can enjoy it even longer. We came home and made dinner (its always a good problem when you are trying to decide between two of Mel's kitchen cafe recipes!), and then made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, AND, just to make the night even better, we watched Miracle on 34th Street. That is Bronson's favorite Christmas movie. It's been years since I've seen it, like YEARS. I remembered certain actors and scenes but I loved watching it again. Does anyone else t
ear up when Santa Claus speaks in sign language to the little girl sitting on his lap?

I'm trying to keep my serger and sewing machine more permanently on our kitchen table so I sew more. Hopefully I have some pictures at the end of this week of what I've done.
I did some more burp cloths because Alice-Anne is going to be having a baby any day now!

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  1. Your "walks" reminded of when Bryan and I would go on walks every Sunday. We would walk through the neighborhoods of seven peaks and picked our favorite house. Haha good times!


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