gardner weekend 09

I don't really know what my intent was on labeling this weekend posts with numbers, but regardless, it seems to be the only time I can actually produce a blog post is talking about the weekends.

Friday, Bronson and I ate out for dinner and then he dropped me off at home while he went to school and watched a movie for class. It wasn't any Jane Austen movie, so I thought, "why bother?" That night, I was feeling bored/daring so I decided to open an etsy account (oh don't hold you're breath quite yet). And I guess I feel like I need to explain myself alittle... In case you are interested you can see it HERE.

I feel like a little kid sitting by a lemonade stand with an empty money jar and a pitcher full of lemonade. The kid's mother notices no on has come and sends her other kids out with a quarter to buy some lemonade. (this may or may not have happened when my sister and I tried to hold a "garage sale" one summer day.) So, this was completely nerve wracking for me to hit "publish" and "post" on facebook and instagram for the public eye. Yes, it was virtual and not in front of a huge audience. But, nonetheless, frightening. All of a sudden I started feeling unqualified (which is true),  unexperienced (also true), and perhaps clueless (definitely true), BUT, I need to start somewhere. So Etsy is somewhere for me.

Most people pretty much stink at first, and thats the stage/phase I am currently in right now. Thats okay, I need to stink first in order to get better. But I needed to comfortable with posting things for everyone to see besides just me. When I keep that in mind I feel like that helps me be more thoughtful about what I am doing.

I don't plan to ONLY do Christmas card designs -- I am doing that now, because it seems pertinent and relevant and in demand. Why are you doing this? Well, I have always been alittle entrepreneurish (If thats how I feel I should probably learn to spell the word first), and two, I love to be creative. Friday night I could hardly go to sleep and Saturday morning I was up at 7am because I wanted to keep creating (that's NEVER how I feel about regular work). Not saying that I wouldn't feel this way about creating/designing if it were my full time job, but you know what I mean. Another key factor -- I invested NO money in this, besides the 20 cents I have to pay to list something on Etsy, I can afford that. And lastly, my time is VERY cheap. I don't have kids, I am not sleep deprived, I am not in school, I do not have homework that demands my attention, what better time than now to start evolving into an entrepreneur. And one more thing, I feel like this Etsy account helps keep me more accountable to continuing creating and not stop.

And I'll share with you the unspoken reasons why I wanted to start something -- I like to buy things -- and the only way Bronson will let me buy things that don't fit in our budget is if I bring in extra revenue. Plus, we want a cabin someday, so I need to save up for that. I really don't want to work outside of the home, but I want to continue working on something, and I feel like this might be a good route (if anyone starts recognizing me, besides my mom and sisters).

We really did more than just that this weekend. Sorry for the long-winded testimony. ;)
On Saturday, I decorated the tree while Bronson watched football, and when I left to go to a friends house that afternoon he decided to go to the second half of the football game with Jessica. After the fball game I met Bronson at the marriott center and we watched womens basketball play #16 Oklahoma State. I had SO much fun. I feel like the gender homogenity made a difference for me, especially since I grew up playing basketball. I loved being close to the court and no one was around us. Did I mention we got a little ceasars pizza to ourselves too? We went home and watched the mens game and womens soccer game on TV. Holy cow that was ALOT of BYU sports for one day. And then I went to a small homemade vendors market with Jessica just a block from our apt. Bronson and I watched the 1994 "Santa Clause" movie, its one I loved growing up.

You know those people that always post pictures of their babies or their cats. Well, I'm now that person about my tree. I love our Christmas tree. After all, I am from Oregon. But I feel like I have to take a picture of it everyday. (who does that!??)

Today, Sunday, we spent the morning cooking food as we brought dinner to Alice-Anne's family, while my mom was still in town. We made African Peanut Soup (YUM YUM YUM), with these rolls, and these cookies (they were my best yet!)


  1. Hahaha, the expression of Bronson says it all "another picture by the tree!" Haha!
    And way to go again for starting an etsy account! :9 cool!

    1. Not sure why I'm logged in as Bryan but this is definitely mere ;)


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