Garnder Weekend 08

Our Friday began a little unusual than normal. On Wednesday, a photographer (Emily Susan Photography) I follow on instagram that I'm pretty obsessed with announced she was looking for a Provo married couple to do a session with. I messaged her and said I was totally interested (who can turn down a free $300 photo shoot!?), I told her that I've been following her for a few years now since she took my cousin's engagement and wedding photos -- turns out they grew up in the same stake in Connecticut. At the end of the day Wednesday she messaged me and said we were her "Favorite" couple to "apply" for this session! hands in the air emoji times ten. Bronson was THRRILLLED. He just kept muttering, thank goodness I don't have to pay a dime for this. I was excited, because I really loved her pictures.

I feel like there is a stigma that if you don't have kids you don't "deserve" family pictures. Which is not true. Bronson and I are a family. Its just, I'm not usually willing to pay what people charge for just pictures of Bronson and I. I definitely would want kids to be involved. But, a couple weeks ago my photography friend was willing to cut us a major deal that was hard to say no. And now this, FREE, even harder. So I'm anxiously waiting to get those pictures back. EEK. However, I will say, we definitely worked for that free shoot, because she made us hike a mountain to get to the top. And literally, once we got there she said, "we will wait one minute before the sun comes right over us." Literally, 1.5 minutes later, the sun was perfectly resting on us -- I mean, thats skill she knew what she was doing.

After work and school on Friday, Bronson and I enjoyed Smashburger. I am a big #fangirl of Smashburger. And then to kill some time we walked around the mall. We knew that we wouldn't buy anything in the mall, so that was the best place to walk around. We had arranged to play games with my grandma Julia (who recently moved from Logan to Orem), at her place at 7pm. We played until 10:30pm! I was apologizing for keeping her up so late, and then she told me her chapter books keep her up much later. She talked about how the people at the facility where she lives often talk about how bored they are, she said she reads so many books she's never felt bored. She totally beat us at Mexican Train, and we had alot of fun. I hope I can be like her when I'm 81.
Awful picture, but worth documenting.

On Saturday, we got our grocery shopping done by 10am. Thats a big accomplishment. And then... we set up our Christmas tree! Fireworks emoji can accurately be placed there. It took about 2 hours of rearranging the apartment, going back and forth. Pausing to watch the BYU game. And then more rearranging. I think we found something that works for us now. My favorite part of all, no more window glare on the TV.

Oh do you notice alittle something in the corner. . .

Bronson apparently was done eating with his elbows bumping against the sewing machine and serger every night for dinner (can't blame him.) so with our final Target wedding gift card (its really a shame that people don't send you wedding like gifts on your anniversary... now that would rock!), we bought this desk. Its got two shelves on it, so I'll store the sewing machine on it when i'm not using it, and keep the serger on top. I'll be honest, I don't feel like a "deserve" a sewing station -- just because I'm not that good. I love to sew as my hobby, but I don't consider myself a seamstress in any way. So I almost feel guilty getting this desk, because I don't have a business, although that wold be a dream, so, just for hobby purposes, Bronson was really kind to let me get this. It probably for his sake too... but still. 

This just wasn't working...

So while Bronson watched the BYU game, I sewed some pillowcases. You know, new furniture arrangement just calls for some new pillowcases. And while the floral doesn't scream winter, I feel like the checkered print slightly does. So, pillowcases justified. I sewed coordinated fabric colors for the back of the pillows, because I just couldn't get myself to use that beautiful fabric on the backs of the pillows. What is almost more fun than fabric shopping, is finding fabric you bought and forgot about and realizing how perfect it is. That happened yesterday. This week I finally got around to finishing the rest of the burp cloths I had fabric for. These are for Alice-Anne -- hopefully their gender neutral enough! She should be having her baby any day now!

MENU FOR TODAY'S MEALS:  Bronson and I are going to make either THIS white chili or THIS ONE for dinner, can't decide, and these breadsticks, and this bread. At least I hope. And Bronson and I are going to watch this tonight

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