Thanksgiving in Boise, ID

I made this pecan pie -- and since it was my first one, its my best one yet.

We were lucky to drive to Boise Idaho for an extended family reunion with the Gardner family for Thanksgiving. At one point during the weekend I found myself reflecting that for 22 years of my life, I didn't know these people and now I call them family -- luckily, the Gardner's are such fun, accepting, and loving people that its easy to feel comfortable amongst them.

Our Thanksgiving weekend consisted of talking, games, talking, watching movies, relaxing, and more talking. I love being around so many people!

Bronson brought KanJam and taught everyone how to play. 

I actually didn't get any pictures of the people that were at Thanksgiving, but I DID get pictures of the pies. MMMMmmm yum. This was a pecan caramel chocolate pie. 
This is pretty cool -- Jim made these benches that turn into 1/2 of a picnic table, and then put them facing together and its a full table. 

After some black friday shopping and relaxing, all the cousins went to Moana -- a really cute Disney movie!

Jalene -- Bronson's aunt, sews and is just a goodess in the craft department had SO many things she had sewn for a Craft Bazaar that had happened recently, she was SO kind to share with us ANYTHING we wanted. I had so much fun looking through everything she sewed and admired it -- she is GOOD. I hope I'm as generous as her someday, that was SO kind of her to let us get whatever we wanted. I came away with an apron, this centerpiece, a tree skirt, two table runners, some dish towels (cute ones!), baby blankets, baby toys, and some small pouches! 


  1. Nice job on that pie! Looks so good!

  2. You made the pie! I won't tell Jim. ;)
    Thanks for your blog! I count my blessings that you take pictures! I love pictures! Thank you!


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