welcome to the world baby Claire

There isn't some bad omen about breaking glass cups before your two years of marriage mark,  right? Because it just happened. It shattered into 2,000 tiny microscopic pieces, and at the very most quintessentially worst time. That hour where dinner is nearly made, so you're exhausted from making it, you have limited dish supplies because the majority still in the dishwasher or overflowing from the sink and onto the counter AND you are starving AND you worked a full-days of work. So that would basically result to my version of witching hour. As I pulled a plate out of the dishwasher, it caught on to a cup and my reflexes during witching hour aren't quick -- so there was no hope and I watched it shattered. My knee jerk reflexes are more of a "sigh" and a "dang it". During this witching hour Bronson was typing away at his computer hooping and hollering, and say "YES!" over and over again, and even though I didn't want to talk, it was like one of those things where you have to ask, "what?" to, you know what I mean? "I just hacked into someone else's account!" Don't worry, its all class stuff... thanks again, BYU.

Anyways, that was our first broken dish, and I all of a sudden understand why parents use plastic plates for the majority of a child's life. The battle wound on my hand is enough evidence that I don't need to continue investing in glassware for eating purposes as a family.

In other, and much better news, baby Claire Myreel Johns was born yesterday, Nov. 14 at 2:13am.
She is the most beautiful newborn I have seen. Hands down.

For dinner I made these again. Not because they went with the meal but because they are so delicious. So I'll make them with everything, if we are having a main course of yogurt, scrambled eggs, waffles, you name it, I will make breadsticks to go with it. 

And we did make pumpkin bread and ended up with two loaves. Luckily some friends stopped by and were able to convince them to have a loaf, because the waistline and thunder thighs were screaming "hello, you don't need that!"


  1. I'm so impressed he can hack into accounts😬 Can he hack into mine?!? Eek! Haha


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