Christmas in West Jordan

We were lucky enough to spend the Christmas weekend with the Johns family. I know it probably isn't ideal to have your sister and brother in law intrude on your family traditions and holidays but they were so kind to let us! I have to mention that on Friday, Bronson was off from work, and since we had recently returned from Oregon and our apt was complete chaos he spent the whole day cleaning up, doing laundry, making white chicken chili in the crock pot, organized our cupboards, went grocery shopping. I mean really. It's like he's meant to stay at home. Because I've had this cold that keeps on giving, we stayed home and watched Christmas movies that night.

I luckily didn't have to work on Christmas Eve as planned, so Bronson and I could take our time finishing up presents, wrapping them, and packing for the weekend. I finally got a wreath, which i've been wanting all season! Better late than never.

We arrived in West Jordan in time to make cookies with the kids and decorate them for Santa. On Christmas Eve, the Johns have a special tradition of having a Bethlehem supper and I secretly loved it. We got to eat on the floor on pillows, around the coffee table with the only light source being a few candles. We ate flat bread, cucumbers, dried fruit, fish (it was SO yummy!), crackers and nuts. And it actually stuffed me. During the meal Alice-Anne and Gary taught their kids about why we ate what we were eating and symbolic references. Christ being the Bread of Life; olives, and the process they went through to produce oil, just like how Christ bled from every pore in the Garden of Gethsemane, and so forth. It was fun! Bronson and I want to make it a tradition too during the week of Christmas.

95 of my sewing projects remain at 90 percent done. I made this back in October, but just needed to tie it to the wooden circle. So I finally gave this to Claire for Christmas

Decorating cookies for Santa

Alice-Anne's laughing because we call this Claire's Aunt Jemimia outfit. I made that onsie dress and headband for her. But really, its like an African headdress piece its so large. And the onsie has a plunging neckline, whoops! 
But look at those EYES! Elliot doesn't ever call Claire "Claire." its always "Claire Bear"

The spread of food before the Bethlehem Supper

 That night we acted out the Nativity -- I played Mary, but we called me Maria instead because my costume was a Peruvian poncho. And all the shepherds/wise man looked like they were graduating high school with their graduation robes.

This year it was special to have Christmas with a newborn. I got a tiny feel for what it was like to have a newborn in the house -- although, I don't do any of the work, bowing down to Alice-Anne right now! Because it slows things down in a good way to forces you to simplify. A good Christmas present for the Johns family was little Claire gaining a few pounds recently. Alice-Anne told me the tender mercies that led up to Claire getting in to see a pediatric dentist much sooner than anticipated to have a procedure done for her lip tie and tongue tie conditions. After having this procedure, Claire should be able to eat better to help her gain weight. There is just so much work to take care of a newborn but Gary and Alice-Anne make it look easy with their joint effort and support.

Christmas Eve night we went to bed with NO snow on the ground, I was alittle bummed since if I was going to be in Utah for Christmas, it might as well snow. That night I had a hard time sleeping, maybe I was excited for Christmas, or maybe it was my cold/sickness that just doesn't want to go that I woke up at 7am to find 6 inches of snow on the ground! YAY! Kenna, Bronson and I watched Elf until everyone else woke up. The kids got to see their presents from Santa, then they all went to the church to shovel the snow before the first ward came. Afterwards, Bronson and I prepared breakfast Kneaders French toast with strawberry apple sauce which I think is my new favorite breakfast topping. (How did I never know about blending frozen fruit and apple sauce together? Its delicious! Thanks Michelle!) And some hot chocolate. After church we OPENED PRESENTS! It's so fun to see the kids get so excited about e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. I was impressed with Alice-Anne and how she got Christmas ready even with a newborn.

 BE IMPRESSED. We fit this on a carry on!

Fitting in K'nex before church

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For Kenna's present to Spencer, she caculated when Spencer's birthday would be on all the different planets. I asked Kenna how she figured that out -- and she started talking math to me and I just said, "Kenna you lost me, but thats incredible!" 

Spencer loved this Space Encyclopedia so much he even asked to be skipped in the opening presents rotation because he wanted to keep reading his book!

Later that afternoon we got to talk via Skype to Daymon, Bronson's brother serving a mission in Macon Georgia. He's a mellow kid -- who you can tell is doing whats right. He shared his testimony is spanish which was superb -- you wouldn't know he was serving stateside. Julia and Austin came over to visit too for alittle bit. The Johns made a fabulous christmas meal, pot roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad and rolls. Luckily, even with all the snows, the roads were just fine to drive on.

I've loved this Christmas season -- especially with Bronson, he wants to give to EVERYONE. It's so cute. He was good to print off the Light the World calendar for us to participate during the month.

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