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Its my 24th birthday today. And being the millennial-entiteled-being that I am, I took the day off work. I mean, come on, you only turn 24 once in your life. I have no intentions of changing out of my spandex or going out of the house (besides to Joann's of course.) And I have intentions of sewing and watching Christmas movies.

Sometimes I struggle with birthdays. I start feeling really "give me give me give me" attitude, which is no bueno. And instead I really want to be better at focusing on what I do have and that because of today 24 years ago I get to LIVE! One of the very best gifts of all -- and my mom worked REALLY hard to make that possible, so above all I appreciate her. I woke up this morning and as I peeled my tangerine orange I told Bronson I didn't feel any different (haha, did I really expect to feel any different?). He replied, "yeah, the older you get birthdays aren't quite as magical anymore." That is probably true. Bronson surprised me with a bag of Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel chocolates -- I guess he took the hint after I talked about them for a solid 10 minutes one day.

Some things I have really loved lately:
1. This list of 52 questions in a year -- my blog is my only record of life since I'm not particularly good in writing in a journal, but for the past couple of weeks (usually on Sunday), I write answers to these prompts that help me to capture my own life sketch (thus far at least!).

2. Light the World -- we printed out the advent calendar of how to Light the World in 25 days, and its been awesome. Gives me alitte more purpose to my days especially as I try to focus on Christ this season.

From instagram: Walked to church today in freezing temperatures. Jesus Christ worshipped His Father and so can we! I love attending church every Sunday.#lighttheworld

Anyways... this weekend. We got a Christmas present to ourselves a few weeks early, a sound bar for the TV. I didn't even know what a sound bar was approx 4 weeks ago, but Bronson got a $200 Dell gift card, so what else were we suppose to do with it? We set that up and have enjoyed listening to Christmas music on it and watching movies.

Saturday, I had to go into work for alittle bit and Bronson had a group project to work on, we also tried out "Lucy's Brazilian Kitchen" which is a brand new restaurant on University Ave. I had never had an acai bowl, and it was really good. I literally commented on how good it was after every bite I took. I couldn't help myself. It was for those thirty minutes I sorta wished I served in Brazil and not Argentina, the two countries cuisines are nothing alike.

We then went to see Sully (finally it was at the dollar theatre). Sully, is one of those must-see movies in your lifetime kinda of movie. Wow, that was so good. Bronson even admitted that it almost made him cry 4 times. And it made me actually cry 4 times. I mean it kinda makes you never want to fly again, but I can probably get over that.

Bronson and I have done very well at working at gaining our holiday weight as we've had hot chocolate every night this week. I've found this perfect combination of 1/2 water, 1/2 milk, and 1/4 half-n-half (yikes!) it's so good. If you're looking for a Christmas movie to watch, we'd recommend "The Christmas Candle" on Amazon Prime or Feeln, can't remember.

And in case of my recipe links have been helpful in the past, here are some must make mashed potatoes.

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  1. I'll have to watch that movie! Thanks for the recommendation! Hope you had a great birthday!


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