gardner weekend 11

I guess I should go back to Monday, my birthday. Thank you for all the birthday wishes/calls/text messages. I didn't get everything done on my to-do list because I had so much fun talking to my sisters, so thank you! I also got to shopping with Jessica for alittle bit which is probably good, because I would have left empty handed without her.

Bronson and I tried out a new restaurant in downtown Provo that was fun -- but not really a place where I'd become a regular costumer. I sewed while Bronson finished homework, and my last request was fulfilled by watching a Christmas Hallmark movie.

On Friday, Bronson and I were lucky enough to get tickets from our neighbors to the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert. We really wanted to go to this and a few months ago when they released the tickets on-line we both sat there on our comptuers at 10am on a Saturday trying to get tickets with no avail. So, we were super lucky once our friends asked us if we wanted to go! We took Clayton and Cecily with us and enjoyed walking around Temple Square afterwards to see the lights. Magical is a word to describe all the lights.

Saturday, I spent all day at work and Bronson at school. Bronson watched the BYU basketball game from home as he wasn't feeling well. I prepared my RS lesson and later we got to watch some of our favorite shows.

Sunday we got to take an elderly lady to church because as we headed out the apartment to walk to church, the train was stuck and blocking our walking path. Jessica attended church with us too and I made it through my RS lesson. I haven't really taught since my mission -- so I was super red faced/shaky/nervous all of the above! Teaching is so draining, but I love all the preparation prior to teaching.

Uncle Blaine and Aunt Amalie were kind enough to have us over for dinner -- she makes the best cafe rio. Which is lovely since our wallets don't agree with going out to cafe rio.

We are looking forward to this week as we fly home to our families! Wahoo!

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