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I'm tethered to the computer this Saturday morning, because I'm on "weekend duty" at work... I was writing mid sentence writing that and got called into works. So back to blogging business. 

I just quickly compiled this RANDOM list of cool things on Amazon I've found lately. Amazon could be our first child with how much we spend through Amazon ;)

These aren't really things I am asking for, because some I already own, but looking through a few other "holiday gift guides" from other bloggers I was able to find some cool stuff and gave me ideas of what I could ask Bronson for. So here's random things from Amazon I like. 

1 | Meyers Soap  -- I was sitting at my friends counter when she used the Meyer's brand cleaning supplies and it smelt sooo good. Still haven't gotten myself to buy any yet, its kinda spendy and I don't currently need it.
2 | Essential Oils diffuser -- Never tried this out, but it seems awesome!
3 | Squeaky Clean Mysteries E-Book -- At Thanksgiving, Bronson's aunts and girl cousins raved about this book. It was free on Amazon, so I read it on my kindle in two days. It was actually better than the cover appears to be!
4 | Coconut Oil  -- I almost feel like coconut oil needs its very own post. I'm probably the last person in my era to discover how coconut oil really is.
5 | Animal Socks  -- If i had any little girls under the age of 6 i'd have them wear these everday.
6 | Door Knobs -- these door knobs just tug at the part of my heart that loves renovations.
8 | AmazonBasic Sheets -- Own them and love them.
7 | Cake Decorating Tool -- Mostly want this because of her, she just makes you want to make cake, even if you don't like cake.

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  1. Fun ideas! One of my preschoolers wore those fox socks last week for pictures. Then she had them on the next day! They are so adorable!


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