the normal things

Lately, I just felt like I should record whats normal for us right now.

Right now, my suitcase has stayed in the hallway for the past week. Funny, since our hallway is only about 6 feet wide, I really could move it. I've been sick since last Wednesday night -- and haven't enjoyed any of it. And it doesn't helped that after going to the doctors he prescribed $70 of meds. As I was checking out at the pharmacy, the tech said, "Wow its expensive to be sick." Cringe. I wanted to scowl with my mascara-less eyes, and yell, "Cork it lady, you're not the one paying for it," but I actually didn't have a voice, so I couldn't say that. Luckily, my voice is slightly back to normal today. Which I'm sure Bronson loves because it means I can go back to talking his ear off again. You're welcome for the 24 hour break I gave you.

There is something about being sick that forces you to think/contemplate/meditate because you can't sleep, watch TV or looking at your phone doesn't sound enjoyable with the foggy headache. One thing I've thought lately about is Bronson's kindness and service. Making dinners and folding laundry doesn't really fit into his school/work schedule during the semester, but since we've been here in Provo, and I've been sick, Bronson's made 3 crock pot meals in 4 days, he's cleaned and cleaned again. He's gone grocery shopping, twice in one day, when he realized he forgot some ingredients (who does that?! I would have omitted the forgotten ingredient entirely or switched my meal plans to something extremely less tasteful, but not Bronson!), he did the laundry, washed the sheets, made the bed, organized the food in the cupboards, vacuumed, mopped, picked me up and dropped me off at work, made my lunch, sigh. Seriously? He rocks this stuff better than me, big time. So, when he goes back to school, i'll just remember this weekend and remember I can survive until the end of the next semester so he can do school.

As of lately, I'm crazy about candles. It's like I'm a cat lady -- but with candles. I light one everyday when I get home from work, it just makes dinner alittle more fancy, makes it feel like Christmas longer, and on top of all that, it seems to mask the garbage smells.

I made a quilt top last year after Christmas and I'm wondering if I'll muster up the confidence to buy the backing material in the next two days before its 2017. What is wrong with me? And just maybe i'll sew it together by Christmas 2018?

Of course, naturally, I'm thinking about New Years Resolutions. May I remind you that 2016s resolutions were something along the lines of : putting the toothpaste lid back on, getting a 4.0, and not making spaghetti every night. This article written by my sister in law is worth reading if you're into goal setting for the new year.

Being sick also means theres alittle time to watch something:
1. Call the Midwife -- I've never watched the episodes, but I really enjoyed the Christmas Special, I think its worth watching!
2. Selma -- Wow. This movie teaches things and makes you feel things that you really can't understand in your middle school / high school history class. I highly recommend, but it is quite heart wrenching (i don't usually use those words, so you know I'm serious) to see women, child, families, people, get hurt so badly. (there is some cussing, we watched on Amazon Prime since its free right now)
3. When Calls the Heart -- Haven't been able to watch this yet, but I already know its going to be cheesy, and i'll most likely enjoy it.
4. Angel in the House -- Must see. I can't decide if its the adorable English accents or the plot, but this movie is so cute. When I woke up on Christmas Eve at 6:30am and couldn't go back to sleep, this is what I watched and loved it.

One thing I can't get enough of is Provo - Winter Edition. My goodness it's beautiful. I tried taking a picture of the sunset on the snow the other day -- and with these empty empty BEAUTIFUL roads (oh my goodness I love not having any college students in this city) I was driving in the middle of two lanes trying to get a picture. It doesn't look that great at all actually, but i'll always remember this time of Provo -- the snow, sunsets, and empty roads.

To end our Christmas day after returning from West Jordan, we watched The Choice -- which tells the background stories of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and its actually fascinating. Through this movie, you learn the turning points in their lives that made them decide to run. It's interesting to think "if this didn't happen, they would not have ran for president." I'd really recommend watching it.

One of the 3 crock pot meals he made -- a Brazilian dish. He searched out the recipes himself and did all the grocery shopping too! High five for you and me!

That one time, Carlie and I came dressed EXACTLY the same to work. I mean, they're even the same pants! 


  1. Ten points for Bronson! So sorry you've been sick but I guess it's better to be sick married than single;) Thanks for all your movie recommendations. I'm excited to watch Call the Midwife.

  2. Your clever writing makes listing the "Normal Things" so fun to read. A huge high five for that great guy, Bronson. So glad you got him! I assume you reached your goal about the lid on the toothpaste. Those pictures were amazing, and thanks for the movie suggestions.

  3. So was that unplanned about the "Twinning?"


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