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A video of 2016 memories

I swear, if I don't write it down, I forget it by next week, so although this blog might be silly and childish, I'm glad its helped me to remember all the wonderful things we've accomplished, experienced or participated in this year. Because it was a year worth remembering! Some highlights of the year by months: 

January : Braved skiing for the first time ever, published a book of sorts, toured the Provo City Center Temple prior to dedication, began my last semester of college, and my share of really bad cooked meals.

February : won tickets to a BYU basketball game, got an internship that I decline (whoops), tried to reinvent a pinterest dessert gone SUPER wrong, legally became a "Gardner" and a Utah Resident all in the same day -- on my drivers license (about time...).

March : attended my first ever rodeo to see my my mission companion compete, made ALOT of food  (some edible, some not so edible) -- I must have been avoiding homework, hiked the Y just so I could get fro-yo afterwards.

April : Graduated from BYU in Sociology -- finishing with nearly a 4.0 the last two years of school -- one of my 3 new years resolutions for 2016 (4.0 -- which is a big deal since I may or may not have been on academic warning after my freshman year hehe, put the toothpaste lid back on, and finish sewing projects). Got a full-time job (which I often complain about, sorry world), but in all honesty, I prayed and fasted for 4 months to find a full-time job with benefits before graduating college, and luckily something came up, just weeks before I graduated. Another event -- was in the same room, shared the same oxygen, and spent a few hours watching the immortal (okay, not really) Mat Kearney, and presented my year long research on Child Stunting in Bangladesh. Lastly, spent General Conference with the Gardner family

wow, April was a good month.

May : Made a trip with Clayton and Cecily to St. George, Bronson got accepted to the Masters of Information Systems program, we "attempted" to go to the Tulip festival with Clayton and Cecily, I bought a serger with graduation $, and, we recreated our first date by going bowling.

June :  Lewis Family Reunion at Bear Lake (here & here), which included learning to Flyboard for the first time -- now that is something I'd do again! Made homemade ice cream for the first time, and made it taste like toothpaste ice cream #FAIL, and went camping with Jai & Brittany.

July : Escaped to Astoria for the 4th of July weekend, Logan's Eagle Court of Honor, went to the Spanish Fork rodeo, attended the Pioneer Day concert at the Conference Center with Jai and Brittany, biked Provo Canyon with Bronson and attended my first Drive in movie!

August : Camped in the Unitas with Jessica and C+C, spent our Anniversary weekend in Park City , watched the Olympics non-stop, attended Kacy's temple sealing, went to Studio C's live taping.

September : Bronson turned 24, attended lots of BYU Football games, kayaked on Labor day & 1 year anniversary of moving into our apartment, went to the overly crowded Midway Swiss Days and BYU's Countdown to Kickoff taping (all in the same day!)

October : Smith family Halloween Party in Logan -- visiting with Grandma Julia, and seeing the John's family for the last time as a family of 5, went to the Cornbelly's cornmaze,  swore to myself I'd never cook again, and enjoyed my favorite weekend of the year : GENERAL CONFERENCE -- this time at home, that's never happened!

November : Had Thanksgiving in Boise, ID with the extended Gardner family, babysat the Johns kids, fed my mission companions lunch, attended the Countdown to Kickoff show again -- ALL in the same day, phew. And then... little baby Claire was born!

December : I turned 24, went home to Oregon for Christmas break, had Christmas with the Johns family in West Jordan, celebrated NYE in the afternoon with C+C and watched movies later that night, and Bronson saved my life this week as I recover from my sinus infection.

This next year I have a couple resolutions -- which still need some adjusting. But one for sure, is to floss every day. The number of times I floss per year are just the night before I visit the dentist, so as a 24 year old, it sounds like a good time to fix that. :)


  1. What an awesome year! I love that you attached links to your posts as well. I might have to do that with mine but you were way more diligent with your postings than me. And your video is amazing! You'll have to teach me how you do that.

  2. Awesome!
    How did you do that video???


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