A Brazilian comes to visit

I'm taking a detour from my unwritten church talk to write this blog post. Oops. Never mind, Bronson just gave me a glare for noticing my computer screen had blogger open and not my talk. So i'll be right back.

Well 30 hours later, I am back. this weeks moments:

Look -- Snow in Oregon. At my house. Sigh, makes you want to be home for something like this!
The first week back to school was very pleasant. Bronson hardly had any hw, which meant I didn't feel guilty spending time watching TV with him.

On Thursday, we went to the BYU mens volleyball game. An elder (Joao Batista) from my mission, who is from Brasil, came to the United States for a month long vacation -- and has spent everyday with a different missionary from the mission. It was so fun to see him again -- mostly because when you're on a mission, the missionaries around you become your family in a different way than the families you are serving in your area. I commented to Bronson how friendly and fun this elder was -- and he's like, "that's exactly how all the Brazilians are," which I said, "well the Argentines aren't, so it was refreshing." It is neat to think that before my mission I didn't know anyone really outside of Oregon and Utah, and then my mission opened me up to a whole world of wonderful people on the southern half of the world. After going to the game and eating Panda Express -- I noticed that I had this throbbing headache and my throat and mouth hurt from speaking Spanish, something I don't normally do. I was like "oh yeah, this is why I had so many headaches on the mission," it takes ALOT to speak another language.

Friday night, we went to the womens gymnastic meet against Utah. This is the only time where its more enjoyable to watch Utah compete instead of BYU because they are SO.DANG.GOOD. (oops no pictures from said gymnastics meet)

A favorite meals of our lately is these "DIY Burrito Bowls" from Oh She Glows but I adjust the recipe just slightly.  Like I use a can of Petite diced tomatoes instead of fresh (don't shoot me!), I never have fresh cilantro etc, I omit the tomato paste and cayenne pepper, and I cook the rice in a rice cooker. You should try it. This is a meal I eat strictly with tortilla chips. No forks. (just like as if i was in Argentina and eating food with bread instead of a fork). 

This meal reminds Bronson of Brazil, and this gives me an excuse to make guacamole. so win win. Have I mentioned how much I love avocados right now. I usually plan our meals around avocados because I just want to eat them with everything right now, maybe even cereal. 

The last noteworthy moment of the week was seeing "Hidden Figures." We LOVED it. It is now an all time favorite of mine. Watch it, watch it, watch it. (plus it was kinda fun to see on MLK day weekend)

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